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Dancing Bottles

Composer: Dominik Hauser
BPM 98 - featuring tuned bottles playing a funky bluesy tune. Piano, percussion, harmonica, strings and synth bass complete the band. Quirky and groovy.

Cranky Guitar

Composer: Dominik Hauser
BPM 93 - distorted guitars, strings and percussion, quirky and ominous yet driving and fun

Crickets and Butterflies

Composer: Dominik Hauser
BPM 95 - featuring pizzicato strings and piano accompanied by harp, celesta and percussion. Lush, warm and gentle yet quirky.

Clown and Mouse

Composer: Dominik Hauser
BPM 160 - a fun, upbeat and quirky tune featuring piano, percussion, tuba and clarinet

Bumble and Tumble

Composer: Dominik Hauser
BPM 84 - a quirky accordion tune with piano, pizzicato strings and percussion.

Chase the Baby

Composer: Dominik Hauser
BPM 116 - a fun, upbeat and quirky tune featuring chasing harps and marimba. driving percussions with celesta, xylophone, piano and tuba.

Barber Shop Boys

Composer: Dominik Hauser
BPM 170 - a fun jazzy, uplifting, quirky tune with male jazz singers doing vocalize.

At the Circus

Composer: Dominik Hauser
BPM 150 - a frantic quirky circus tune. featuring brass, percussion woodwinds and strings. In the style of Pee Wee’s big adventure.

A Walk in the Park

Composer: Dominik Hauser
BPM 92 - A quirky tune, featuring, piano, pizzicato strings, xylophone and flute. Playful and a little mysterious.

Alien Baby

Composer: Dominik Hauser
BPM 100 - lead guitar with delay fx, strings and celesta. strange, mysterious yet uplifting

A Happy Commercial Track

Composer: Aquilo
A happy and light corporate piece of music with glockenspiel bells, pizzicato strings, piano and drums perfect for motivational or technology related videos where you want to advertise a new concept, product, app, game or idea.

Jamming at the Beach

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Instrumental music track recorded with piano, brass, guitar and soft drums. This lounge music will be great for cool ambient situations where and organic and positive music is required

Running Away (All edits)

Composer: Martin Laflamme
Uplifting orchestral instrumental, with piano, strings, guitars and horns, over strong drums and percussions. Starts slowly, and gradually builds up into a more intense instrumentation. Could fit well in commercials, advertisements, corporate videos, to add an emotional touch to a video.

Open Reflexion (All edits)

Composer: Martin Laflamme
Midtempo atmospheric instrumental, with synth pads, strings, expressive piano melody and catchy bass line over electronic percussions and drums. Has a reflective mood, and a slightly futuristic sound. Ideal for corporate videos, or presentations about a company, a product, or a phenomenon.

Facing Obstacles (All edits)

Composer: Martin Laflamme
Driving midtempo instrumental with memorable piano riff, strings, bass and hard hitting drums. Has a slight hip hop influence and a sense of perseverance, determination, as well as hope and achievement. Could be used in TV shows, trailer, web or corporate videos. Could fit in sports videos, for mont...

Top Of The Mountain (All edits)

Composer: Martin Laflamme
Inspiring instrumental, with expressive synth pads, piano, guitar, synth choir over powerful drums. Starts out softly, and gets more intense as it goes on, and goes back and forth. Has an edgy, contemporary sound. Ideal for montage videos with footage of snowboarding, or any extreme sports, or for ...

Summer Sun (All edits)

Composer: Martin Laflamme
Midtempo pop instrumental, with acoustic guitar, piano, in your face brass rips, synths and bouncy drums. Has a slight hip hop and reggae influence, and a carefree vibe. Would fit nicely in outdoor scenes, on a beach, or in a sunny place, where people are having fun or playing sports.

United Force (All edits)

Composer: Martin Laflamme
High energy action-packed midtempo instrumental, with strong brass hits, synths melodies, piano, powerful orchestral percussions and drums. A mix of electronic and orchestral instruments. Has a slight millitary sound, as well as a hip hop influence. Ideal for an action montage video, for a movie, T...

Until Dawn (All edits)

Composer: Martin Laflamme
Energetic uptempo pop dance instrumental, with in your face synths, deep bass, guitar riffs over hard hitting electro drums. Slow, calm melancholic introduction that leads to an upbeat verse, then to a high-energy chorus. Has a feeling of fun and excitement. Perfect for party scenes, where young adu...
Yann Keerim
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