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Liszt - Liebestraum No.3 (S.541 number 3)

The most famous of Liszt's Liebestraums. A popular melody which flows along with grace and elegance. Widely used in advertising, films and TV, this loving and emotional piece is perfect for giving an emotional and intense sensitivity to all projects and productions.

Let's Go

Motivational, positive and energetic electro synth pop with drifting synths, nasty, rocking guitars and an straight electronic acoutsic hybrid beat. Great for presentations, advertising, youth, fashion and lifetsyle. This tracks make really fun! Enjoy !

Inspiring Rock Slow Build

Mystical cool-sounding atmospheres evolve into an infectious modern beat, as the track grows and grows with an unfolding sense of discovery and exploration. This gorgeous instrumental features other-worldly guitar sounds which evoke colourful sensations and inspire your imagination. This is accompan...

Beautiful Wonderful Life

This is an uplifting song, perfect for all sorts of occasions. It is a celebration of love and life featuring beautiful male lead vocals and universal lyrics. For fans of artists like Jason Mraz, The Lumineers, Passenger or John Mayer. Indie folk instrumentation is lovingly played, including brushed...

Uplifting Pop Motivation

After a steady beautiful building intro, this uplifting emotional instrumental generates a pulse of energy and bounce, before erupting into an ecstatic melodic hook. The composition includes many convenient edit points and intensity changes, but maintains a consistent theme and mood throughout. T...

Inspirational Rock Song

“The Best Day” is a timeless pop rock song for fans of bands like U2, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, The Script, or Matchbox 20. The introductory guitar riff is as good any riff you’ve ever heard, and the atmospheric verses give way to an inspiring chorus. The song really explodes after the ...

Uplifting Pop Rock

This is an incredibly inspirational pop/rock track featuring a choir of sopranos that manages to marry the cinematic soundscapes of Ennio Morricone to the pop/rock sensibilities of OneRepublic & Coldplay. The first half doesn’t feature the choir, and the choir is introduced after that. This h...

Uplifting Indie Pop

This stately instrumental features gorgeous organic instruments, and climbs steadily for the first half, before gently subsiding in the second half. Despite it's repetitive pattern, there are constant surprises and interesting flavours.

Road Trip Rock

Fast tempo driving pop rock with a road trip vibe, propelled by a strong back beat and bright guitar riffs on electric and acoustic guitar. It’s the kind of track you could hear on countless television sitcoms such as Friends, Rules Of Engagement, etc. It’s also the kind of pop rock th...

Modern Rock Anthem

Classic stadium rock song in the style of mainstream bands such as Bon Jovi, U2, Matchbox 20, Kings of Leon and The Script. Universal lyrics and an anthemic vocal ending with dozens of voices chanting!

Bright Inspiration

Uplifting is corporate business background music for presentation and documentaries needing inspiration music and motivation. This elegant background music has a nice minimal atmospheric mood. It is Airy and optimistic yet very positive and powerful. Piano and guitar delays have a pop rock vibe ye...

Pop Dance Party

This is a super fun, upbeat pop instrumental that you could imagine at a pool party or a dance party. It has a timeless top 40 feel, combining elements of house, EDM, and pop. The catchy synth hooks are accented by cool jangly guitar and supported by a very cool four on the floor standard dance beat...

Ukelele Indie Folk

Cheerful, advertising-friendly ukelele instrumental with brush drums, upright bass, finger snaps, playful trumpet, and backing vocals. This is exactly the kind of light and breezy indie folk pop music you hear on many commercials, apps, and TV shows. Perfect for children's programming also.

Bright Natural Pop

Warm, bright and inviting, this pop rock instrumental combines conventional pop rock instrumentation with gorgeous lyrical string lines and features sunny mesmerising melodies. The warm instrumentation gives it a nostalgic easy-listening feeling.

Triumphant Pop Rock

A short but unmistakably inspirational instrumental, perfect for that triumphant moment when the team wins the big game or when the girl gets the girl!

Inspiring Background Theme

Light, Beautiful and Optimistic Hip-Hop track with Upbeat, Inspiring and Light atmosphere. Modern Soul and Pop Instrumental music with groovy beat and catchy atmosphere. Light and Beautiful Hip-Hop music with soft synth, strings, swelling pads, groovy drums and pop piano. Perfect background music fo...

Every Second

Straight and hopeful pop song with a positive and optimistic feel. Featuring acoustic and electric guitars and some bell sounds. Perfect choice for corporate videos, slideshows, presentations and much more.

Pop Inspiration

Uplifting, Positive and Optimistic Hip-Hop track with Upbeat, Inspiring and Light atmosphere. Modern Soul and Pop Instrumental music with groovy beat and catchy atmosphere. Light and Beautiful Hip-Hop music with soft synth, strings, swelling pads, groovy drums and pop piano. Perfect background music...

Corporate Vibe 60s

A fresh and clean background track perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects!
Yann Keerim