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The Life Beyond

Spacious track with ambient synths and acoustic guitar

Hybrid Epic Trailer

Get ready for action! Hybrid Epic Trailer is a modern, futuristic, powerful and very energetic piece of music. This catchy, cinematic and electronic track perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soun...

Miles Above

Ambient, atmospheric piece with cool beat and flowing arrangements. Uplifting, joyous feel

Finding Justice

Dramatic orchestral film score piece with epic orchestral arrangements. This piece has a war-time military feel and gradually builds throughout into a triumphant finale.

Exotic Adventure

Catchy World Music track with cool groove, pipes and strings.

Military Drums - Loop

If you want peace, prepare for war. Strong, dark and aggressive percussion loop for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

The Deeper You Go

A very epic orchestral piece with a sense of hope and celebration - great for horror/action/adventure/mystery scenes.

Pride And Passion

An epic, powerful, cinematic rock ballad. It gradually builds up to a very anthemic, inspirational chorus, with beautiful guitars, piano and strings section. It offers plenty of flexibility, with both quiet parts, which create anticipation, and fully orchestrated sections, which convey resolution. I...

Some Wishes Come True

Beautiful, emotional piece with piano, choir and full orchestra. Real Hollywood film score feel.

Triumphant Knight

Dramatic orchestral piece with grand film score battle atmosphere.

Tribal Spirit

Native American tribal piece with authentic pipes, acoustic flamenco guitar and light percussion.

Synthetic (Blade Runner - Sci-Fi)

A subdued instrumental piece which perfect for a sci-fi movie, advertising or corporate. Synth pads give the track a dark feel. Use of synthesizer makes this a great underscore track. Perfect for a trailer or background for a space scene, space travel and alien civilizations. A desolate, lonely feel...

Caging the Butterfly (Orchestral Fantasy)

A Music Box adventure with orchestra. A magical journey with mournful undertones to balance the happiness of the bells. Perfect for Fairy tales and fantasy, family, Christmas and an accompaniment to wonder.

Tense Action Chase

An action packed, energetic and high octane cinematic orchestral track with driving percussion for maximum impact. Great for trailers, horror, chases, fights and action scenes.

Dramatic Heroic

Dramatic and heroic epic background music track with trailer braams, epic percussion, hollywood choir, massive strings and more. Good for action, adventure videos or movies, epic trailers and any extreme and tensieve projects.

Gazing At The Horizon

Dramatic, epic cinematic theme with haunting strings and piano over military percussion. Great for adventure/drama/patriotic use!

Fast Growing Business (5 Versions)

Powerful, exciting & positive track with a strong motivational feeling, featuring electric guitars, piano, strings and energetic drums. This epic track expresses success, optimism, and dedication – an ?excellent choice for corporate promotional videos, training videos, business presentations, pr...

Epic Oblivion

Ultra dynamic action-adventure music featuring a rousing modern orchestral score in the style of a big movie studio soundtrack. Epic dramatic music designed for super hero movies, war films and documentaries, espionage, CIA and military themes, movie trailers and video games.

Epic Legion

Epic emotional orchestral track. Perfect for movies, trailers, teasers and other projects that needs epic dramatic sound. Peacefull and sad piano melody thoughtful strings, heroic brass and powerfull epic percussion create an atmosphere of heroism and sorrow.
Yann Keerim
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