All the Senses Become One by Apostolos Sideris

All the Senses Become One

Apostolos Sideris

ID: #181881

Duration: 03:43

All the Senses Become One - 03:43

Track Description

‘All the Senses Become One' is a song in Greek talking about beauty. It describes a beautiful human being passing by and spreading their positive energy around. It is a piece that stylistically lies somewhere between the music of Greece and the Near East and American R&B music that I grew up listening to. Once again, it was written as a little instrumental thing that one day evolved into a song. I was so pleased to have the beautifully punchy guitar playing of Costas Baltazanis, as well as the usual suspects, Sakir, Andrea, Leo and Giannis, adding their small but so meaningful parts to the song.


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