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On The House

Modern R&B/Hip Hop ballad with catchy synths and laid-back beat.

Old School Nights

Cool Pop Dance track with solid groove and catchy synths. Sure to get ya movin!

Old School Loving

Seductive Hip Hop / R&B / Soul track with solid groove and sexy synths. Great for modern romantic, cool background music!

Not Taking Any More

Cool modern Hip Hop track with catchy synths, piano and driving beat.

Nobody Around Me

Very emotional modern Pop ballad with beautiful piano melody, strings and cool Hip Hop groove.

No Time For Games

Energetic modern Pop Dance track with catchy synths and driving beat. Let's get the party started!!

No Place Here

Bangin' Hip Hop track with a real Urban street vibe!

Night At The Club

Modern teen commercial Dance Pop track with catchy synths and solid groove.

My Boo Is You

Laid-back, emotional modern Pop ballad with cool beat and subtle instrumentation.

Making My Mark

Hardcore modern Dubstep track with solid driving beat and dark, edgy synths.

Make It Happen

Modern Hip Hop/R&B track with piano, solid groove and synths.

Love On The Dance Floor

Modern teen commercial Dance Pop track with catchy synths and solid groove.

Tropical Vibes

''Tropical Vibes'' is an uplifting, deep house track with summer atmosphere. Including electric marimba, chopped vocals, summer synths, smooth plucks, piano, energetic pumping drums and bass. Suitable for summer party videos, beach videos, seaside landscapes, summer fashion videos, vlogs and adverti...


This is powerful, energetic, driving, extreme and loud breakbeat hardcore. A lot of guitar riffs variations. Sound is very tough and extreme. Used instruments: Electric guitar, bass, drums, synth sounds. Will be perfect for action, extreme, sports , racing or fighting videos, games, films.

Inspiring Vision

An inspiring, motivational and uplifting track ideal for use in the corporate world. Elements of trance and beautiful melody perfectly suited for video presentations, demo videos, commercials, YouTube’s video, presentations, documentaries hi-tech and motivational projects.

The Fresh Start

A bright, uplifting pop/rock track that combines a classic rock setup with orchestral elements expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. This track is great for any project calling for an uplifting, inspirational mood.

Disco Night

“Disco Night” is an upbeat dance-house music with great beat, interesting rhodes piano, string, funky guitars and a catchy sax and brass riff. This track will make you feel carefree, ready to dance. Perfect for fashion show, lifestyle, advertising campaigns,TV commercials, presentations or any ...
Yann Keerim
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