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– based in Chicago and Los Angeles (travels back and forth) – has developed 2 artists, and gotten 2 artists signed to major labels – has gotten over 100 of his songs in t.v. shows, films, and commercials including CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother”, “Criminal Minds”, “Days Of Our Lives”, feature film “American Reunion” and many more – loves pizza – wishes he liked vegetables more – allergic to dust and trees reproducing – has taught at UCLA, DePaul University, Elmhurst College, Pasadena City College, and Hawthorne Elementary School District – is a classically trained composer. Studied composition privately with Pulitzer prize winning composer Augusta Read Thomas. Has a master’s degree in music composition from UCLA.

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I Am Everything

This is a pop rock song. It is heartfelt, emotional, and touching. Great for scenes involving heartbreak, relationship difficulties, and relationship separations. It is a lovely song about a woman singing to her lover, beckoning them to show their true selves.

Cloud Dreaming

This is an acoustic rock song. It is emotional, dark, and mesmerizing. Great for scenes involving dark intimate encounters, emotional romantic events, bittersweet and emotionally charged sequences between lovers, a lonely and distant woman, etc. This is a song about a girl who is lost.
Yann Keerim
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