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A Weird Tale

An edgy, suspensful and creepy cinematic track with pounding drums, spooky melodies, ethereal guitars and strange sound effects. Great fit for spooky, suspensful and edgy productions in games, films, trailers and many more.


A dark and suspenseful cinematic track with creepy melodies and ethereal sounds. Conveys danger, investigation, doom and more. Great fit for suspens, horror and spooky productions in games, films, trailers, intros and many more.


A dark and brooding theme that conveys mistery and danger. It features a felt piano, synthesizers, psaltery, tubular bells, ethereal fx and percussions. Great fit as an intro, trailer or theme for dark drama, thrillers, sci-fi, horror and any media that requires a dark and hypnotic background music.

General Battle

This is an aggressive, distortion guitar, hybrid traler music. This tune will be fine for media projects with themes of an action movie, trailer or advertising video, extreme sports footage, a powerful and massive video.

Industrial Sport - Loop Version

This one is a powerful punchy royalty free background track with guitars, synths and FX. Perfect for breaking news, high-tech industries, extreme sports, rally, action movies, trailers, drive, youtube and more. Thanks for listening and purchasing.


Emotional, hybrid, cinematic, epic, inspiring and uplifting orchestral music for film, tv, trailers, commercials, games and advertising.

Dark Suspense Hybrid Trailer

Epic powerful cinematic motivational and inspiring music with synth pulses, drones, string ostinatos, big brass, epic drums and percussion and trailer effects. For your next video project, documentary, presenation, promotion, corporate movie, business video, slideshows, product video and many more.

Hybrid Cinematic Trailer

A mix of orchestral percussion and electronic elements with various sound effects, risers and melodies. Perfect for all kind of trailers/movies/games. Enjoy !

Forge Epic Cinematic Rock Trailer

An inspiring, hybrid cinematic orchestral rock track featuring powerful guitars, strings and horns, pulsating synths and epic percussion. This track is great for sports videos, commercials, vlogs, YouTube videos, lifestyle and travel, TV, films, trailers, motivational and inspirational videos, adver...
Yann Keerim
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