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Upbeat inspirational track with funky beat, acoustic and electric guitars and powerful motif, available in 4 edits: Calling-Inspirational (main) Calling-Inspirational (packed) Calling-Inspirational (essential) Calling-Inspirational (short groove)

Lilac UkuleleSwing

Acoustic positive and happy groove with ukulele playing theme and acoustic acompaniment, available in 3 edits Lilac Ukulele Swing (main) Lilac Ukulele Swing (packed) Lilac Ukulele Swing (essential)

Tulip Ukulele Bossa

Positive acoustic track with ukulele sound and acoustic guitars , happy uplifting and lively Available in 3 edits: Tulip Ukulele Bossa (main) Tulip Ukulele Bossa (essential) Tulip Ukulele Bossa (looped groove)


Inspirational, positive corporate track with smooth changes and nice groove... available in 3 edits: Corporatology (main) 3:22 Corporatology (lite) 2:34 Corporatology (looped groove) 2:17

Pure Purple Passion

Classy acoustic track with a clear latin, gypsy jazz flavor. Great cue to convey love, passion, jealousy, romance. Very atmospheric and narrative, with beautiful melodic lines by played classic guitar and accordion, plus remarkable jazzy solos by violin and trumpet. Several 60 second edits available...

Ukulele Showcase Corporate

Acoustic, positive and corporate track with ukulele lead and upbeat inspirational mood, some guys whistling :) in a happy fashion, instruments played and recorded acoustically Available in 4 edits: Ukulele Showcase Corporate (main 1:55) Ukulele Showcase Corporate (packed 1:23) Ukulele Showc...

Ukulele Happy Beach

Happy ukulele tune, with nice acoustic feel and groove, all instruments played, lively cheerful and inspirational, available in 4 edits; Ukulele Happy Beach (main 2:15) Ukulele Happy Beach (packed 1:49) Ukulele Happy Beach (essential 1:23) Ukulele Happy Beach (looped groove 1:01)

Funny Bluegrass

Fast and quirky bluegrass with a playful banjo, doublebass, violin and jazz drums. Well suited for comedy, satire and funny themes.

Ukulele Momentum Corporate

Corporate positive track played on ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano . With acoustic rhythm section and nice groove. Available in 3 edits: Ukulele Momentum Corporate (main 2:39) Ukulele Momentum Corporate (packed 2:06) Ukulele Momentum Corporate (essential 1:33)

Our Gypsy Waltz

A jazzy, acoustic laid back waltz, with retro flavors from gypsy jazz and Italian melodies. Narrative mood and slightly melancholic, great for storytelling. Melodic and yet unobtrusive, perfect as background music for very atmospheric scenes. It features lead guitar, plus beautiful violin and barito...

Pink Panther

Warm Jazz with a playful saxophone and brushed drums and contrabass. Great as background music, animal scenes and many many more.

Jazzy Sneakers (No Clock Version Less Drums)

Slow and relaxed Jazz with a piano, brushed drums and a playful saxophone. Sounds creeping, soft and authentic. Great for criminal scenes, vintage scenes and for animal videos, like funny and fluffy cat videos.
Yann Keerim