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cellotronics10 opium

Ethereal, otherworldly cello and electronica. Suitable for dream sequence, background ambiance, fantasy or sci-fi cello, dream, cellos, ambient, Brad Feidel, Terminator


A beautiful and hypnotic blend of electronica, strings, beats and cellos. Cello, cellos, ambient, hypnotic, cinematic, moody

the scream -cello mix

An instantly alluring and memorable track featuring complex Middle Eastern style beats, fretless bass, guitar and solo cello.cello, synth, guitar, suspense, thrills, chase, fear, run, flee


Slightly disturbing blend of cello and electronica creating a sound scape ideal for sci-fi, fantasy, horror or game. cello, dark, disturbing, dramatic, game, underscore,

cello works beats remix

Dark ominous cello over a bed of moody electronica, Scary, sad or mournful depending on the images.cello, brooding, ominous, scary, thoughtful, sad, empty, lost, longing

4am (original)

A solo cello plays a beautiful and moving melody. An enigmatic track full of movement and feeling cello, solo, underscore Yo-Yo Ma, loss, longing

dissonant cello with beats

Slightly disturbing blend of cello and electronica creating a sound scape ideal for sci-fi, fantasy, horror or game. cello, psychedelic, urban, beats, hiphop, dissonant, strings

hymn for the lost remix with cello

Hypnotic, moody beats, electronica, guitar, bass and cello. Well suited to Sci-Fi, fantasy or games.Cello, electro, beats, synth, game, sci-fi, fantasy, trip-hop

sirius remix

Very strong melody led tune played by cello over an electronica bed. Pulsing, hypnotic rhythms and a dreamy feel. cello, hiphop, drum and bass, dreamy, trip-hop, space

forgotten prayer

Disturbing electronica with heavily treated acoustic cello. Toybox sounds with dark undertones. Cello, dream, nightmare, game, hallunination, drug scene

funereal and mournful cello

Solemn and tragic cello over a bed of funereal drums,synths and strings. Perfect for any tragic or dark,depressing scenes. Cello, tragic, funereal, funeral, heartbreak, death scene, underscore

turkish tango shuffle

Cellos ,guitars, mandolins all play middle eastern style riffs over hip hop drums and percussion. These themes then veer into a tango style with reggae elements.trip-hop, cello, beats, strings, electronica, cellotronics, surreal

wrong side of sunrise

Clubby beat-driven electronica contrasted with long, soulful cello phrases. Well suited to the sci-fi or fantasy genre Cello, electronica, underscore, club scene, Blade, Buffy

in memorium

A reflective and pensive combination of cellos and electronica. Sombre with a touch of nostalgia. Cello, cello ensemble, dark, reflective, Silent Hill

mabon with beats no vocals

Superb solo cello, at times heavily treated and psychedelic, plays over trippy synths and hip-hop beats. Urban psychedilia at its best.cello, psychedelia, psychedelic, hiphop, urban

hit man in cairo

Middle Eastern style track featuring real cello, duduk, sitars, guitars, strong beats and spiced with electronica.Middle East, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, cello, duduk, ethnic

yin yang

Strongly contrasting themes beginning with beautiful introspective cello followed by catchy, upbeat and energetic electronica and processed cello. Cello, dark, cello ensemble, Tru Blood, upbeat, dance

new days cello mix

Cello and guitars play beautiful themes over pounding electronica rhythms .Ambient with a dance trip-hop flavour.cello, dance, electronica, triphop, ambient, goldie

in memorium beats remix

Hair raising and spine tingling, mournful and beautifully played cello in the style of a lament with electronic background. Cello, cello ensemble, dark, reflective, Silent Hill, beats

5am electronica

A solo cello plays a beautiful, haunting melody. There is a definite East European/Jewish feel to this piece , cello, solo, underscore Yo-Yo Ma, loss, longing


Heavy, pounding industrial track with guitar and virtuoso cello. Heavy club tune. cello, club, vampire, trance, mixed genre pop culture, aggressive
Yann Keerim
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