Fairy Dream Sparkledust - STING by PhonoFreq Studio (Nicholas Allen Sanders)

Fairy Dream Sparkledust - STING

PhonoFreq Studio (Nicholas Allen Sanders)

ID: #174270

Duration: 00:14

Fairy Dream Sparkledust - STING - 00:14

Track Description

The fairies are sprinkling their magical pixie dust amongst the sleeping children. The elves are starting to get to work in the toy shop. The contestants on the cooking show are putting the finishing touches on their work. Medium Tempo of 100 BPM Christmas, Cartoon, Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Cooking Show, Game Show, Disney Magic, Drama, Tweens, Teens, Family, Children, Kids, Kitsch, Fairy Tale, Lullaby, Dramedy


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PhonoFreq Studio (Nicholas Allen Sanders)

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