Playful Happy Strings by Jake Schneider

Playful Happy Strings

Jake Schneider

ID: #122310

Duration: 00:57

Playful Happy Strings - 00:57

Track Description

A light, happy, playful and fun cinematic track with an uplifting and comical vibe. An ideal track suitable for fun commercials, comedy, advertising, light-hearted happy family videos, children’s videos, animation, CGI (think Pixar and DreamWorks), cartoon videos, film projects, YouTube bloggers, Facebook/Instagram videos, video games, applications and much more! Pizzicato strings, double bass, unison celeste and pizzicato melodies, staccato and sustained strings and magical swoop fx.


You may use our tracks in YouTube monetization videos, Facebook Ads, Apps, Films, Documentaries, DVD's, Corporate presentations and websites. Check our music licenses for the analytical description of terms and commercial music usage.



License and Download this music for videos, Apps, Websites, Games, Youtube, Films and all media worldwide. Royalty Free music for unlimited time.

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Jake Schneider

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