Midnight Cruise [Upbeat Retro Synth Pop 80s Synthwave Nostalgic] by Diego Martinez (BMI) CAE/IPI: 361827061

Track Description

"Midnight Cruise" is a nostalgic and upbeat synthwave track, perfect for 80s retro vibes. With a fast-paced drum beat at 110 bpm, the track is driven by catchy synth melodies and chords, giving it a energetic and dance-friendly feel. The nostalgic atmosphere is sure to evoke feelings of retro futurism and evoke memories of the iconic synth-pop sound of the 80s. Ideal for media usage in film and television, commercials, video games, and other multimedia projects looking to capture a retro-futuristic feel. The high energy and upbeat vibe also make it a great choice for workout, dance and party scenes.


You may use our tracks in YouTube monetization videos, Facebook Ads, Apps, Films, Documentaries, DVD's, Corporate presentations and websites. Check our music licenses for the analytical description of terms and commercial music usage.

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Diego Martinez (BMI) CAE/IPI: 361827061

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