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Standing In The Night

A simple and efficient house instrumental piece.Production Music High Quality

I Feel Love

An energetic house dance song, with a gospel flavor, with catchy vocals and Elgar violins hook.Production Music High Quality

Himalaya Club

Energetic world beat piece with asian flutes, morinhur violin, kalimba and nepalese chants on strong western beatsProduction Music High Quality

From Shadow To Light

The emotion of this lounge piece with an asian feel is certainly coming from its female opera voiceProduction Music High Quality

Earth Conscience

Soothing piece bringing to our conscience the beauty of our planet and the conscience of what is disappearing from itProduction Music High Quality

The Long March

Quite solemn and strong piece, suitable for films/videos, with classical orchestration (strings marcato, timpani) , modern beats, and snippets of asian fluteSuitable for Advertising, Documentaries, FilmsProduction Music

Masquerade Finale

Energetic piece, mixing some classical orchestration with nu metal elements.Suitable for Advertising, Documentaries, FilmsProduction Music


A lounge piece enhanced by the emotion brought by the ErHu, a chinese violin with two strings.Suitable for Advertising, Documentaries, FilmsProduction Music


A party with the celtic druids. A happy celtic violin by Efiddler driving a mid tempo pop ballad.Suitable for Advertising, Documentaries, FilmsProduction Music

The Roses of Ispahan

A perfect marriage between the sweet and spicy flavor of Persian melodies with the Trance craze of the nineties.Beat

The King of Angkor

Angkor (Cambodia), became one of the largest centers of hindu then buddhist faiths. The flute in this lounge piece has been recorded among these ancient ruins.Suitable for Documentaries


Relaxing lounge piece to ease the tensions of the stressed modern person while having a flower bath in an exotic spa.Atmos

Fairy Tale

New age piece articulated around a soft flute in an Asian, almost primitive, environment.Suitable for documentaries

Eat Rice Drink Wine

Resting under the palm trees looking at the rice fields in rural Laos. Lounge music.Suitable for Documentaries

The last Emperror

An imperial palace, a thousand of soldiers, hundreds of dignitaries, the crowd of the people, banners, and, on top, the main building of the palace with its huge carved wooden door. The Emperor comes through the main door, and will soon step down… in an orchestral soundtrack style

Tango Maria

The famous Ave Maria from Gounod, completely revisited in tango style with the melody played on the ErHu (chinese violin).

Sunda River

Flute-based lounge piece influenced by the music of the Sunda area in West Java, Indonesiasuitable for tv - documentaries


This orchestrated piece describes the life of a geisha in the traditional Japan childhood dreams, apprenticeship, fame and jealousy from others, accomplishment, and finally peaceful retirement. Kitaro meets Ennio Morricone.


Ambient trance track, gradually building up from lush pads to tripping trance,light and easy atmosphere
Yann Keerim
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