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Orange Funk

A Funky boom bap hip hop track with horns, funky guitars and leads, groovin bass, samples vocals, and DJ stabs and hits. High energy and exhilirating. Great for lifestyle and entertainment tv/film programs, urban content, sports, and social media vloggers

Battle Tanks

Do you wanna colorful chase or master fight? Wanna breaking bike or bleeding wrestling? Anyway, this track is all you need. Creeping intro, powerful chorus and atmospheric ref make your video or something else great!

Upbeat and Energetic Rock

Upbeat and energetic rock music track with catchy and aggressive electric guitar riffs. This music was composed special for action and sport related videos: trailer, advertising, highlights video, commercial, video games, advertising and much more.

Fuzzy March // Action Sport Rock Trailer Music Intro

Fuzzy March is a powerful and energetic track. It is perfect for your trailer, advertising, lifestyle and sports videos, presentations, YouTube videos, Instagram Stories and more! Highlight your media project with a great combination of powerful electric guitar riffs, action hits, epic percussions ...

ThunderRock // Classic Solid Rock Music

ThunderRock is a powerful and energetic rock track. Inspired by 80s rock bands, it is perfect to highlight your project with a great combination of hard rock guitar riffs, powerful drums, inspired hammond organ, rock bass and epic percussions. Drums, bass, guitars and organ are real instruments pe...

The Awakening

Sparkling and optimistic piano piece that inspires a motivational and hopeful atmosphere. Cinematic and lively. A virtuoso performance


Ever-moving, evolving, and unpredictable piano melody, like a flight of a butterfly. Gentle, shimmering, and playful.
Yann Keerim
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