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First Rodeo - Southern Rock inspired by classic Eagles sound. High energy, big harmonies. Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney

Country/Rock song about seeing the end of a relationship, but preparing to move forward and start again. No hard feelings, all is forgiven. Classic sound inspired by The Eagles opens with a capella vocals before kicking into a driving 122 BPM rhythm, with plenty of harmonies.

I Found Love...Powerful Country Advertising

Shortened Cues for “High Level AD Campaigns”. This may be one of the greatest ads to sell anything. Automobiles (you find love with a new car), houses, travel, anything important. Sex and Love sell, let's face it!!! Uptempo modern country music with pedal steel hooks, beautiful vocals, a...

When Will Love Find Me

About a person who wants to be in a relationship but is not having any luck. An endless search for love.

Second Place

Relationship where one person is committing more than the other and questioning why the other person has more interest in someone else when he doesn't treat her nearly as well.

She Said

lighthearted story about the fun and excitement of a new relationship that turns into a lifetime commitment of marriage and family

Forever In Her Eyes

Finding true love. Waitress in a bar meeting a musician playing on stage

Back Porch State of Mind

daydreaming about a perfect vacation spot, place to relax and unwind

Anything She Wants

uptempo song about meeting a girl, falling in love and giving her everything she wants

When Everything Changed

Blake Shelton, Alan Jackson, Phil Vassar, Lady Antebellum, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Rascal Flats, Zac Brown Band

Welcome To The Middle

story of two teenagers who leave their midwest farmtown to move to LA. They eventually find that all of the reasons that made them leave are the same reasons they want to come back.

Maybe It's Me

Driving ballad. Story about a girl who is clearly in love, but refuses to commit to the relationship.
Yann Keerim
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