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The Very First Noel

Modern day version of the famous Christmas carol The First Noel. Piano solo. Wonderful and simple. Fireplace and champagne with a loved one. Hot chocolate with your kids. Peaceful and tranquil.

Prancing in the Snow

A magical dance melody with a flavor of elegance and beauty. Very light, bouncy and tender. Pride and Prejudice type music. Or, imagine horses prancing in the snow, pulling a sled of excited children on a Winter sleigh ride. Great original track for the Christmas holiday, or just Winter activities. ...

Summer Fun

Summer fun and sun! This track really rocks a positive message. Could be used in a teen movie. Perfect for a song bed for lyrics. Beach party. Road trip. Ocean waves and sunshine. Playful and youthful. Going on vacation, or spring break.

Not Any More

Positive, rich and flowing melody that depicts warmth, encouragement and hope. The piano theme is light-hearted and thickens with the entrance of an acoustic guitar and cello. Soft percussion add motion to the memorable phrasing. This is a beautiful track with a Celtic flavor. Wedding ceremony.

cup of coffee

A slow bossanova track. Featuring piano and classic guitar. The kind of music you might hear sipping your coffee in a cool café on a bright day.

ambient rainforest

Soft existential layers, floating elements, lush atmospheric pads, good for introspection or ambient vibe in the Jungle Ethereal Bittersweet Delicate Emotional Honest Longing Meaningful Reflective Sensitive Sincere Soulful

a last look

Thoughtful, wistful, emotional and reflective piece for drama, personal stories, reflection and remembrance. Touching, sincere. Works well as a final statement

pride and glory

A grand, rousing, military style victory theme. Patriotic, celebratory and victorious. Like the cavalry coming in to save the day, or a superhero showing up when everything looked bleak. Marching off to victory. Brave Bright Climactic Confident Determined Emotional Excited Grand Good Heroic Honest ...


A simple, heartfelt piano instrumental that is ideal for evoking a tender,romantic ambiance. With a gentle lyrical melody and a sparse, spacious unclutteredarrangement. Well suited for media depicting sensitive, touching and priceless moments.

end of story

A dreamy, soft and tender soundtrack featuring gentle woodwinds, slow pulsing piano chords,sleepy ethereal string pads and sparse, splashes of color from harp and belltree. Evokes a sad, melancholy mood good for emotional, touching moments.

daytime drama tv

A solo piano plays a simple and sparse, heartfelt chord progression accompanied by lushtremolo strings, evoking a sensitive, tender romantic mood. An emotive, short segue cue thatis useful for those 'end of episode' or 'to be continued' scenarios.

sad reflection

A soft, tender minor key ballad with a sweetly sentimental, haunting and melancholyatmosphere that is well suited for scenes depicting retrospection, lost love, regret andmore. With a simple, gentle woodwind melody, guitar, strings, bass and drums.


A slow and serene, emotive soundtrack with high ethereal strings, soft pads anda simple, tranquil theme played on electric piano and guitar. Evokes a calmand peaceful, heartwarming atmosphere good for sincere, tender and touching romantic moments.


Melancholic Acoustic Rock track. Sad and lonely melodies with a depressed feeling.

humankind 2

Dreamy , reflective , thoughtful , sincere For Film and TV Human voice , acoustic guitars , ambient , sound design

humankind 1

Dreamy , reflective , thoughtful , sincere For Film and TV Human voice , acoustic guitars , ambient , sound design

humankind 3

Dreamy , reflective , thoughtful , sincere For Film and TV Human voice , acoustic guitars , ambient , sound design , percussions


Description :A very moody ambient track with a sincere bamboo flute melody. A very wide space and sadness come to mind , as if what was will never be again Key Words: overcast lonely sad ambient reflection worry

A sincere conversation with Mr Agustin

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Yann Keerim
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