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The Future Is Bright

Heartwarming - delicate and uplifting music with elegant acoustic piano. This music creates a space for positive reflection and feeling good. Could be used as a background in TV series - romantic and family drama or comedy movies. Good also for innovative motivational corporate presentations

Ruler Of All Things 11 Minute Mix

Extra long eleven minute positive, aspiring & inspiring orchestral pop crossover piece. Conveying an uplifting motivational purpose, positivity & inspiration to succeed, it is particularly suited to corporate use as it has the big, positive epic dramatic feel in the vein of Coldplay, U2 and Keane

Spacedust (instrumental)

After a deceptively slow and gentle start, the track explodes into lively pop rock with multiple electric and acoustic guitar riffs. The 12 string Rickenbacker electric guitar lends a Byrds feel which elevates this tune to classic rock status. Instrumental, Indie Rock, Indie Rock

As the crow flies (instrumental)

Mellow blues / folk rock with swirling Hammond organ, electric slide guitar and warming acoustic guitars. In the style of The Beatles, The Wallflowers or even Bob Dylan. A beautifully performed middle of the road track with a natural, organic sound. Instrumental, Blues, Country Blues

Bluer Than You

A high energy country folk pop rocker dominated by swirling Hammond organ duelling with 12 string guitar. A happy, beaty, big and bouncy backing track deceptively overlaid with anti-love lyrics. A perfect post romantic break up song. Oh no, not I. I will survive! Male Vocals, Rock, Pop Rock
Yann Keerim
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