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Beachball (no viola)

A lighthearted cue for good easy fun. Pizzicato strings, staccato viola, marimba, and light percussion move us though a laidback, beachy, sweet sonic space. Great for many media purposes.

Adventure Lite (less viola)

A delicious blend for light moods. Pizzicato strings, marimba, bells, and light percussion create an easy adventurous ride. This cue is great behind comedy, drama, romance, adventure, reality shows.

Consensus - Loop

Music loop with classical instruments (cello, contrabass, viola and violin) usable in cinematographic projects. It expresses something about consensus and a mild excitement.

Happy China Intro

Musical introduction for tv shows or documentaries about the east, china, asia. It resembles traditional music from that part of the world. I used viola and violin. Feel free to also check out my other stuff.

Emotional Film Score (Dramatic Orchestral Cinematic Strings Piano Choir)

An emotional dramatic orchestral background sustain strings, music box, men choir. Cinematic sad, defeated, sentimental and soft. Atmospheric film ambience music for movie scenes. Long strings chord with changing tempo and volume. Suitable for cinematic corporate and company presentations or introdu...

Going Mad - Intro

Mad angry classical intro featuring cello and viola. Usable in film scenes, movies.

Drive Me Out

A very energetic, positive and uplifting track featuring violin violas, electric guitars, percussion and drum kit.

Midst Of Fear - Loop

Tense suspenseful cinematic music usable in thriller movies, film. I used sound of contrabass, viola, violin.

Motive Power - Loop

Angry impulsive classical music loop expressing tension. For use in movie scenes, credits in films, documentaries. I used classical instruments (cello, choir, viola, gong), shaker and drums.

Our Own Tango

A romantic piece for a chamber orchestra. Slightly resembles tango and Astor Piazzolla, but has an alternative touch to it. The piece starts dissonant and falls in a lighthearted theme, it develops to a dance like movement in the strings. The ending is bittersweet. This piece would fit very well in ...

Walk Alone

A sad and reflective piece for a small ensemble orchestra, or chamber orchestra. Feels like sadly going away from something that just happen. This piece would fit well in a dramatic scene were someone is sad and alone.

Hard Work Ahead

A dramatic film score piece played by a small chamber orchestra. Feels like 'getting things done' and courageous to face problems that lie ahead. The piece starts with the whole strings ensemble playing a soft but driving movement and a solo violin playing a soft and corky melody. The drums help to ...

It is a Dilema

A dramatic film score piece for a small chamber orchestra. This track feels like discovering the truth about something, or unlocking a secret. This track starts with a delicate and introspective piano line fallowed by pizzicato strings. A dramatic shift happens and strings give you all the drive and...

Can You Repair Me - Intro

Sad and depressing classical music opener for use in movie scenes, as transition in film and some documentaries. I used cello and viola.

Dark Matter

A classic Horror style track, decent for Halloween and slightly slightly discordant with woodwinds phrases and cold viola melody to ratchet up the perfect horror style film scene. Very useful for creating the perfect horror atmospheres.

Major Key Good Mood Intro

Cheerful optimistic classical intro where i used samples of cello, double bass, contrabass, viola and violins. Suitable for radio shows openings, games intros, opener / audio logo for various media projects.

228 This New Life AC2 Jul 30

A very happy and optimistic track featuring glockenspiel, ukulele, percussion, celesta, and strings. A great asset for any motivational production, advertising, film and promo.

226 Sweet Insurrection AC2 jul 24

A very unique and special track, going from an intimate moment to a very open and energetic one, featuring ukulele, drum kit, electric guitars, orchestral and latin percussion. A great asset for any audiovisual product from advertising to film and video-game soundtrack.

Beneath The Surface

Almost angry classical track, expressing mixed feelings of fear, anger, suspense. Can be used in movies, films, documentaries. I used sample of cello, viola, violin, piano, snare ensemble and timpani.

Beneath The Surface - Intro 1

Almost angry classical opener, expressing mixed feelings of fear, anger, suspense. Can be used in movies, films, documentaries. I used sample of cello, viola, piano, snare ensemble and timpani. This loop is based on my clip 'Beneath The Surface'.

Beneath The Surface - Loop 1

Almost angry classical loopable clip, expressing mixed feelings of fear, anger, suspense. Can be used in movies, films, documentaries. I used sample of cello and viola. This loop is based on my clip 'Beneath The Surface'.
Yann Keerim