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Brief History (Dramatic Film Soundtrack)

A short soundtrack for documentaries,movies and video games.Strings,background female choral voice and staccatos. Ideal for telling a historical story or a dramatic war scene.

Cinematic Hollywood Orchestral Soundtrack

Cinematic & Dramatic epic orchestral soundtrack for movies, tv shows, documentaries and video games.

Darkness Is Upon Us (Dark Theme Soundtrack)

Rhytmic electronic drum kits with ethnic choral reverbed solo female voice.Unique sound and structure.Uplifting and strong.Melodic flute composition conveys the feeling to an upper level.Sfx automated drums rhythm through whole song.Begins with determined epic male choir.Perfect for movies,tv shows,...

Death Territory (Ultra Sad Piano Soundtrack)

A very depressive soundtrack with piano, female voice and atmospheric wind sound. Sad melodies with deep atmosphere of being lost and getting hurt. True pain, love grief and cruel side of life. Suitable with depressive movies that has enough guts to tell a story that fits the song.

Dramatic Choral Female Voice Soundtrack

Cinematic & Dramatic choral female voice soundtrack for movies, documentaries, tv shows and video games.

Dramatic Film Strings (End Credits Soundtrack)

Cinematic & Dramatic orchestral film strings for movies, documentaries, tv shows and video games

Anatolian Warriors (Epic Turkish Ethnic Soundtrack)

Ethnic Middle-Eastern trailer song with epic features.Ideal for tv, radio productions,documentaries and video games.

Angelic Rescue (Dramatic Choral Soundtrack)

A Sad Requiem song with dramatic female choral voice.Emotional, lost, defeated and pessimistic. Touching melodies with a choral harmony. Ideal for after battle scenes or medieval age movies and video games. Film Score, Instrumental Background, Orchestral Music.

Dark Cinematic Soundtrack

Dark and ominous track with quiet and mesmermizing background choral voice, strings and synth pad. Conveys feelings of loss, wonderment, sadness, and depression, but can also be used in science fiction and exploratory type projects, such as wide sweeping shots of the sky and sea. Instrumental, Drama...

Across the Life (Dramatic Film Soundtrack)

A sad melodic track with many orchestral instruments such as violins, choir, cellos, ethnic flute, clarinet, obua and deep boom. It's half hollywood styled and half ethnic dramatic soundtrack. Terrific for desert scenes, Lawrence of Arabia type stories, and science fiction.Ideal for ending credits.I...

Dramatic Epic Movie Soundtrack

A dramatic epic music with orchestral instruments such as brass, strings, percussions and choir. Conveys a sense of heroism or the beginning of a long adventure or quest. Emotional, stirring, powerful. Beautiful atmospheric background vocals add to the important feelng of the music. Instrumental, Ac...

Heroic Epic Action (Dramatic Cinematic Soundtrack)

Dramatic orchestral hybrid soundtrack. Melodic staccato violin strings with brass and epic choral voice. Sweeping, adventruous, builds in intensity. Great for fantasy films and video games. Wonderment, excitement, reaching for the stars. Bright, lively, and beautiful. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, P...

Once Upon A Time (Emotional Movie Soundtrack)

An orchestral sad, nostalgic soundtrack. Dramatic and melodic structure with soft legato women choir. Reverbed solo violin with harps conveys the melodies to the high octaves. Edgy and pusy. Resistance for a divine purpose. The wishes can't come true. Passionate for something impossible or very hard...

Emotional Violin And Piano (Dramatic Soundtrack)

Very sad orchestral song with solo violin, female choral voice and piano. Calm, pessimistic, passionate, hurt and grief. Delayed hits remind the past dreamy memories. It still has a litle hope in it. Telling a sad story for the background. Depressive and heartbreaking in some point. Instrumental, Dr...

Emotional Female Choral Voice Soundtrack

A very sad soundtrack with melodic structure. Glissandi solo violin and choral solo female voice supported by reverbed piano. Very dreamy and surreal. So pessimistic and dark yet so hurt. Depressive melody carries the hope far away. Imagine something impossible and feel sorry about it.

Enormous Battle (Dramatic Epic Soundtrack)

Epic orchestral and heroic track, very useful for battle and war scenes. Hollywood production style unique melodies and harmonies. Emotional, escalating, gritty, beautifully grand. Also great for role playing and mideval video games. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Regal Music

Dramatic Film Strings (Cinematic Movie Soundtrack)

Very soft long chord strings for dramatic scenes. Track conveys a sad feeling of being lost. Dynamic volume and tempo add to this dramatic effect. Very calm strings, combined with emotional and touching background choral vocals.Ideal for ending credits Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Sad Music

Al Andalus (Dramatic Glorious Soundtrack)

Spanish ethnic music with orchestral instruments such as flute, brass, epic horns, bass, impact, timpani, violin and strings. It's uplifting from the beginning till the end with spiccato flute. I'm inspired by Speedy Gonzales, the cartoon character. You'll feel the glory. Instrumental, Latin Music,...

Tenebris Imperium (Dramatic Epic Dark Soundtrack)

Epic and rousing instrumental track, conveys the sense of carrying in the midst of battle to glory and victory. Mainly orchestral - the instruments are stac strings, flute, and drums, with a touch of adventurous male choral vocals for extra emphasis. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Regal Music

Dramatic Strings Score (Dreamy Ethereal Soundtrack)

A fantasy soundtrack for movies, documentaries, video games and tv shows. It's very slow and soft. Chords are long like in the lord of the rings soundtracks. It's similar to end of the movie and ideal for ending credist, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Calm Music

Pirate Theme Soundtrack - Captain Blackbeard

An adventures pirate theme. The soundtrack start slowly with a bit mysterious "sound" and the builds up to a full blown pirate theme. Perfect for productions where you want the music to compliment a sense of adventure. Pirate Soundtrack Theme - Captain Blackbeard
Yann Keerim