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Medieval Fanfare With Piccolo Flute

Celebratory and inspiring fanfare. I used sounds of a trombone, french horns and piccolo flute. Suitable for games, apps, broadcasts, soundtrack for films, presentations, commercials, website.

A Little Suspicious - Intro

Short classical music introduction for video games, or cartoons. Usable also in some documentaries or film scenes.

Sense Us Coming

Instrumental underscore expressing danger, suspense. Can be used in movies, film, documentaries and even some games. I used classical instruments: trombone, french horns, piccolo trumpet, piccolo flute, snares.

Time Cant Wait - Jolly Loop

Cheerful and positive classical loopable audio clip. Can be used in movies, film, documentaries about animals. I used tuba, french horn, piccolo trumpet, piccolo flute, glock and woodblock.

Classical Cheerful Opening

Happy excited short introduction for video games or even some movies. It's about good mood and has something that makes you think of royalty. I used tuba, french horn, piccolo flute, timpani and glock.

Seems So Jolly - Loop

Happy cheerful classical loop for use in kids video games or apps. Also usable in movies or film and documentaries about small animals. I used tuba, french horn, piccolo trumpet and marimba.

Clumsy Opening

Jovial intro for video games and movies / film / documentaries. I used tuba, french horn and piccolo trumpet.

Scrutiny At All Times - Loop

Classical music presented as a loopable clip here. It's about scenes in movies, films, when getting ready, being aware, preparing for something, being somewhat alert. I used french horn, tuba and piccolo trumpet.

Guard At The Citadel - Intro

Classical opener that can be used in documentaries about history, movies and some video games. I used contrabassoon, bass clarinet, flute and piccolo flute.

A Fact To Consider - Intro

Disquieting like something is about to happen – this is the feeling you might get from listening to this opener with classical instruments (english horn, bass clarinet, double bass, piccolo flute and timpani). Can be used in video games, movies and films, documentaries.

Playful Brass Loop

Happy in a slightly melancholic way, this loopable track is suitable as video games background or even movies. I used trombone, tuba, piccolo trumpet and french horn samples.

Gentle Vibes Intro

Slow vibes intro suitable for various media projects. It has a gentle touch. I used vibes, bassoon, piccolo flute and tuba.

Celtic Opener

Documentary music or film music, with action taking place in medieval times, with a celtic / irish / gaelic touch. Uses viola, violin, piccolo flute, cello. Can be used as an intro / outro for a scene, or as a transition.

Pizzicato Strings

Pizzicato strings, violins, violas and cellos, contrabass, doublebass, english horn and piccolo flute... it's a frenzy. Suitable for presentations, podcasts or youtube.

Promise land

From adventure to Far west stories! some "westerned" topics with a dobro lines, militar snares with piccolo flute, strings, and a romantic final, very emotive.Perfect too for TV series, internet series, intros etc

Every Now And Then

This is a short piano intro, kind of sad and melancholic. Suitable for various projects, romantic videos, youtube videos, trailers, film and television, soap operas.

Singing Soldiers

Playful children marching with bugle calls and piccolo flute.

Justice and Punishment

Dramatic, heroic, epic, triumphant orchestral instrumental track with stirring bridge featuring the piccolo flute and pizzicato violins building up to a courageous and abrupt conclusion. Suited for war, adventure and investigative movies/documentaries and series.
Yann Keerim