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Black Thoughts

A very energetic and dark electronic track, percussive and aggressive, dangerous and intriguing.

262 Epically Positive AC2 oct 31

orchestral, hero, heroic, strings, brasses, harp, horns, timpani, percussion, epic, optimistic, zimmer, batman, emotional, climax, adventurous, explosive, forceful, glorious, majestic, rock, electric guitars, uplifting, advertising, optimistic, inspiring, encouraging

Heading For Action - Opening

Stirring piece of classical music usable as an intro / beginner in movies, films, scenes. I used samples of french horns, double bass, contrabass, strings ensemble, timpani hits, taiko drums, viennese cymbal and snare.

Big Orchestral Opening

Disturbing strings opener with strings. I used samples of strins, violin, contrabass, zildjian crash and timpani. Useful in movie scenes, film trailers or such.

Beneath The Surface

Almost angry classical track, expressing mixed feelings of fear, anger, suspense. Can be used in movies, films, documentaries. I used sample of cello, viola, violin, piano, snare ensemble and timpani.

Beneath The Surface - Intro 1

Almost angry classical opener, expressing mixed feelings of fear, anger, suspense. Can be used in movies, films, documentaries. I used sample of cello, viola, piano, snare ensemble and timpani. This loop is based on my clip 'Beneath The Surface'.

Beneath The Surface - Intro 2

Almost angry classical opening clip, expressing mixed feelings of fear, anger. Can be used in movies, films, documentaries. I used sample of cello, viola, piano, snare ensemble and timpani. This loop is based on my clip 'Beneath The Surface'.

Something Is Coming - Cinematic Loop

Almost suspenseful cinematic loop using classical instruments (french horn, oboe, tuba, timpani hits, tiny puilli sticks). It can be used in movie / film scenes, when something is on the verge of happening - preceeding that moment, as a sort of buildup.

Rhythmic Drums Intro

Rhythmic drums opener expressing that attention, being attentive (something big is coming) is needed. It's motivating and energizing. Can be used in cinematic climactic or action scenes, or in sports events commencement (like entering a football field, college football), or as a prelude to anything ...

Left In The Dark

by kubed
Percussion driven track, setting an anticipatory and intense mood. Dark fx and pads mixed with toms and timpani percussions creating a dark and nail-biting atmosphere. It can work well in shows like CSI, NCIS, Pawn Stars, Ink Masters and also atmospheric thriller movies.

The Invasion

An emotionally charged epic & distorted track with distorted synths over strings and pounding drums in this edgy track. Energetic, confident and unstoppable. The main melody creates a powerful and strong presence, Strings,Big Orchestra section, huge choir, big "boomers" and modern synth sounds were ...


by kubed
Hip Hop instrumental track with orchestral elements like timpani, percussions and strings. The orchestral elements add an epic touch while the electric guitar adds a gritty vibe to the track. Opens with the strings and builds into an epic, big sound. It could work on sports promos or reality tv

The Victory March

Massive, heroism, suspenseful and tense epic exciting melody performed by large orchestra, choir, percussion and big epic drums . A lot of energy, A sense of victory, glory, winning a difficult challenge. Motivating and inspiring. Perfect for game shows, movies depicting bravery, sports action seque...

A great Day AC2 Feb 8 Full

A very energetic orchestral epic track, dramatic and dark for video-games, soundtracks, etc.

Most Propitious Moment - Loop

Spy movie like piece of classical / cinematic music, featuring bassoon, trombone, english horn (woodwinds, brass), cymbal, timpani, glock, woodblock, orchestral percussion.

Medal Of Honor

A dramatic orchestral track filled with an emotional arrangement of instruments, including strings, percussion, horns, and caustic guitar. A great track for communicating a sense of honor, sacrifice and glory. This track is well suited for action flicks focusing on war, struggle and good versus evil...

Al Andalus (Dramatic Glorious Soundtrack)

Spanish ethnic music with orchestral instruments such as flute, brass, epic horns, bass, impact, timpani, violin and strings. It's uplifting from the beginning till the end with spiccato flute. I'm inspired by Speedy Gonzales, the cartoon character. You'll feel the glory. Instrumental, Latin Music,...

Action Drama Trailer

This is a very intense epic cinematic composition with a lot of drama, growing tension and escalation, full orchestral sound with timpani, percussion and other drums. Great for trailers, action movies and war documentaries.

Classical Intro

Simple classical short intro using cello, contrabass, viola, glock, timpani and violin. Applicable in various projects, for cinema / soundtrack, games or tv.

Sports Logo

This logo features trumpets and orchestral percussion, making it a great fit for sports or news pieces.
Yann Keerim