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Devious Dramedy (Pizzicato Strings)

A mischievous orchestral track, playful and campy like Devious Maids, Jane the Virgin and Desperate Housewives, Featuring pizzicato strings, marimba and other orchestral flourishes. It has a fun, cheeky vibe. Great for anything from drama, reality TV and cartoons to kids productions.

Pizza Pizzicato

A light mood and sneaky track. This track starts with pizzicato strings that make way for a very gently flute theme. An egg shaker and an occasional triangle give you the rhythm. This track would fit perfectly for a comedic underscore, specially a sneaky scene.

Feeling Quirky Piano and Pizzicato

Quirky pizzicato strings with Piano and woodwinds, bassoon, playing a light motif in the flavour of music you can listen under Desperate Housewives. Suspense and light tension cue, perfect as underscore for an investigation scene, but not too much serious, is ideal for a comedy, dramedy, a cartoon ...

Funny Times Piano and Pizzicato

Funny, quirky and upbeat track, ideal for kid shows, circus, to support fun scenes, comedy, dramedy and great for certain types of commercials also. Featuring pizzicato strings, staccato winds and brass, xylophone and slide whistle. Fast. Full

Strauss: Pizzicato Polka

Strauss: Pizzicato Polka. Recorded in 2001 with the Artur Rubinstein Philharmonic orchestra in Lodz, Poland, with Vladimir Kiradjiev conducting.

Hesitant steps Piano and Pizzicato

Quirky orchestral suspense and tension cue. Perfect as underscore for an investigation scene, but not too much serious, is ideal for a comedy, dramedy, a cartoon or a commercial. It has a feeling like Desperate Housewives. Only instruments are piano, pizzicato strings and marimba.

Mistery (Piano and Pizzicato)

Quirky orchestral suspense and tension cue. Perfect as underscore for an investigation scene, but not too much serious, is ideal for a comedy, dramedy, a cartoon or a commercial. It has a feeling like The Pink Panter. Only instruments are a piano and pizzicato strings. Full track also available.

Soft And Tender Moment-Piano+Pizzicato

An elegant soft and lilting piano composition with an uplifting outlook. This theme will grab your viewers, and stirs up emotions of love, happiness, and romance.This music will fit well for a wide range of love, romance,coming together, commercial,logo, careful and tender situations.,Full of love,...

Playhouse no pizzicato & marimba

by ionics
Fun and playful. Cozy and full of good spirit. Featuring marimba, organ, pizzicato strings and an organ. Great for apps, games and animations.

Wrinkle in Time (no pizzicato)

This charming, otherworldly piece features pizzicato strings, marimba, Spanish percussion, clarinets, bells, harp, and piano. This can intensify intimate moments, family scenes, learning, drama, touching glimpses, etc.

Beachball (no pizzicato)

A lighthearted cue for good easy fun. Pizzicato strings, staccato viola, marimba, and light percussion move us though a laidback, beachy, sweet sonic space. Great for many media purposes.

Tricky Finger (no drums no pizzicato strings)

Drums, pizzicato strings, marimba, bells, acoustic bass, harp, and playful percussion structure this cue. It calls you in to hear a secret, follow a twisted tale, a misguided adventure, a meandering story that never ends the way you thought.

Rainbow Antique (no pizzicato strings)

Easy listening piece great for family or relational scenes, children, grandparents, and celebrating each other. Marimba, pizzicato strings, cello, bass, bells, staccato strings, tubular bells, and light percussion are used in this composition.

Miss Anthrop (pizzicato only)

Dramedy, with a heavy beat. This pizzicato piece lays the drums on thick combining with hearty double bass, choir, staccato strings, piano, and bells. It stimulates curiosity, sensuality, intrigue, suspense, excitement and hunger to know.


This is a composition performed with just string pizzicatos. cinematic track that is best as a film soundtrack, also videos and other projects. classical vibe and feel. epic and slightly dramatic track.

New Balance

Super dynamic and happy electronic track, great for corporate videos, commercials, games etc. It makes you wanna take decisions, make new starts, look to the future, make plans, dream and feel that everything's gonna be ok! Synths, pizzicato strings, dreamy guitar chord progressions, drums.

Funny Gameplay 1

Funny song for games, sound by a gnome choir featuring catchy melody, playful pizzicato strings, slide whistle and glockenspiel. Great for app games and commercials!

Funny Gameplay 2

Funny acoustic pop with ukulele, chimes, silly effects and pizzicato bass. Conveys liveliness, childlike jauntiness and joy. Great for children's themes, games, commercials and film!

The Royal Waltz (Full Version)

A delightful, sumptuous, orchestral waltz that conveys majesty, enchantment and grandeur. Spellbinding pizzicato violins build to a glorious climax with lush spiccato strings and bright brass. Proud, luxurious and noble.
Yann Keerim