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Winter Largo - Vivaldi

ID: 79973
Ferenc Hegedus / A tasteful and elegant rendition of Winter: II - Largo - from Vivaldi\...

Tango My Love

ID: 79918
Ferenc Hegedus / An elegant, poignant Tango with the flavour of old Europe, perhaps Ita...

The Godfathers Posse

ID: 79926
Ferenc Hegedus / A tense, pensive underscore for a dramatic scene with an Italian or Si...

The Long Walk

ID: 79929
Ferenc Hegedus / Solemn and sorrowful. Orchestral strings, subtle brass and death bell,...

To a Wild Rose - MacDowell

ID: 79941
Ferenc Hegedus / An elegant and fragile rendition of \'To A Wild Rose\' from the works ...

O Danny Boy (Arr F Hegedus)

ID: 79832
Ferenc Hegedus / A reflective, emotive and tasteful rendition of the classic Irish folk...

Mafia Hit

ID: 79528
Ferenc Hegedus / A staccato and ominous / uneasy track with a traditional European flav...


ID: 79529
Ferenc Hegedus / A dramatic track with a European / French / Italian / Sicilian feel. A...

Meditation Thais - Massenet

ID: 79536
Ferenc Hegedus / A tender and fragile rendition of this popular piece of classical musi...

Jesu - Bach (Arr F Hegedus)

ID: 78766
Ferenc Hegedus / A fragile and beautiful rendition of this classical track, \'Jesu, mei...

Canon in D - Pachelbel (Arr F Hegedus)

ID: 78446
Ferenc Hegedus / A live performed chamber orchestra version of this popular and beautif...

Ave Maria - Bach (Arr F Hegedus)

ID: 78372
Ferenc Hegedus / Tasteful and delicate rendition of this popular and beautiful piece of...

Ave Maria - Schubert (Arr F Hegedus)

ID: 78373
Ferenc Hegedus / A beautiful and fragile rendition of this popular piece of classical m...

Air - Handel (Arr F Hegedus)

ID: 78362
Ferenc Hegedus / Dignified and classical rendition of this popular piece of classical m...

Celtic Opener

00:07 - ID: 74105
Andrei Vladulescu / Documentary music or film music, with action taking place in medieval ...

Sentimental Dramatic

03:25 - ID: 70744
Jacob Segal / An orchestral track that starts with soothing strings and sentimental ...

Uplifting Dreams

02:17 - ID: 70747
Jacob Segal / A song that starts with a heavenly piano with electronic percussion th...

Ethereal Film Music with Voice

02:28 - ID: 63597
Jacob Segal / A ethereal orchestral-piano cinema based composition recording with or...

Melancholic Symphony

02:20 - ID: 63614
Jacob Segal / A bittersweet mysterious melancholic orchestral track, purely strings ...

Tones of Vernet

02:27 - ID: 63518
Alan Peter / Warm, comforting and loving piece, performed live on piano and violin....

Angels We Have Heard On High (Piano and Country Fiddle)

05:09 - ID: 61193
Bjorn Lynne / A beautiful, homey and traditional arrangement of the Christmas classi...

The Twelve Days of Christmas (Instrumental)

04:10 - ID: 61230
Bjorn Lynne / Acoustic guitar and violin arrangement of this old traditional christm...

Instead Of Crying (vocal version)

03:38 - ID: 60693
White Cat Music / This is a nice folk-country tune, with sweet lyrics and a catchy melod...

Instead Of Crying (instrumental)

03:23 - ID: 60694
White Cat Music / This is a nice folk-country tune, with many traditional instruments, f...

Out There - Loop 2

00:03 - ID: 60116
Andrei Vladulescu / Classical loop with a a strange and quirky but exciting vibe. Suitable...

Out There

01:42 - ID: 60117
Andrei Vladulescu / Elegant classical music with a fun and exciting vibe. Suitable for fil...

Out There - Loop 1

00:20 - ID: 60118
Andrei Vladulescu / Elegant classical music with a fun and exciting vibe. Suitable for fil...

Violin Virtuosos

00:44 - ID: 60060
Aquilo / Two fast violins and a cello make up this dramatic, but stripped down ...

Sweet Classical Intro

00:10 - ID: 60022
Andrei Vladulescu / Sweet classical intro with a violin reminding of romanian music. Featu...


03:07 - ID: 59982
dexound / Energetic track with hard hitting beats, strings, synths & brass. Grea...

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01:23 - ID: 59984
dexound / Reggaeton beat with violin, crushed guitar, trippy drums, and hot voca...

Medlodic Violin

01:35 - ID: 59987
dexound / Melodic track with violin, piano and an RnB feel. Suitable for showcas...

Origin - Loop 1

00:21 - ID: 59993
Andrei Vladulescu / Sweet romantic classical music loop suitable for youtube, presentation...
Yann Keerim