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Summer Resort (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Cool deep house track with warm, funky baselines, percussive beats, "chicago house" style chord stabs and catchy, rhythmic acoustic guitar partsGroovy and relaxing track, with a trippy, upbeat mood. It can work great for fashion shows, commercials, background workout music and dance routines

Predator (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
The predator is watching and about to make a move. Tension is building up, target is locked and there's no way out! Dark timpani blend with percussion hits, edgy cinematic strings and fast paced percussive beats. Full of adrenaline and suspense track with a climaxed ending.

Swagger Break (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Breakbeat electro track with great dynamics, fresh sound and youthful mood. Upbeat and cool drums, combined with edgy synths and driving bass-lines. Energizing track that's suitable for sports highlights, fashion show, commercials and youth oriented promos.

Easy Top (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
Good feeling, powerful rock and roll music. ZZ Top meet AC/DC :). Straight line of drums and bass, groovy guitar riffs. Guitar solo and pipes part in the final part of track. Great for movies, soundtracks, action, sports, cars, racing, commercials, presentations.

Easy Ukulele (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
Easy Ukulele is a happy and frendly ukulele track with a simple and catchy melody. This music will help you to provide a positive and carefree vibe to your video or presentation. Works well as background music for corporate promotional videos, advertising projects, cartoons.

Headliner (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
A very active and groovy track! Different guitar riffs and licks are based on a strong groove of drums and bass. Attractive fills and breaks as well as dynamic changes will allow you to create a modern, full of action video.

Let Them Fly (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
Let Them Fly is a very inspirational and uplifting track with a touch of indie rock bands like Snow Patrol, Coldplay, The Fray. Quiet and romantic intro evolving into a splash of positive emotions in the final part of the composition. Simple repetitive guitar riff, picking ukulele, reversive guitar ...

I Dont Care (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
Active and energetic pop-rock, alternative rock track. Sounds a bit like Lifehouse, Goo Goo Dolls and similar bands. Very positive and uplifting feeling, Smooth and straight rhythm, dynamic changes, the splashes of energy. Works well for modern corporate video, branding, ad campaigns, sports etc.

Morning Glory (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
Inspirational, positive and atmospheric musical piece. Repetitive guitar riff accompanied by drums, bass, piano, flowing pads and sound effects. Building intro, ambient and calm main part, an emotional lift to the second section. Works well for motivational and corporate projects, commercials, prese...

On The Wave (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
Positive and energetic music. Balanced mix of modern guitars and dance rhythm. The sound gradually develops from restrained intro to the stormy splash of positive emotions! Will work great for Corporate, Presentations, Commercials, Informercials, Live Events, TV Themes etc.

Positive Message (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
Positive and Inspirational musical piece. Repetitive guitar riff, building intro, dynamic development during the whole track. Works well for motivational and corporate projects, commercials, presentations, Film and TV, advertisement, business successful style, high tech product review.

Secret Of Love (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
Active and energetic pop-punk track. Sounds a bit like Simple Plan, All Time Low and similar bands. Very positive and uplifting feeling, Dynamics of this track changes from a smooth straight rhythm to the splash of energy.

What's In Store (Chillstep Mix - Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Beautiful and mysterious downtempo track, combining ethereal acoustic guitars with vocal chants, strings, dubstep wobble bass and drums. Dramatic and relaxing atmosphere, yet with an edgy, contemporary touch. Perfect for dramatic movie & tv trailers, reality shows, elegant commercials

Agony (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Dirty south, East Coast hip hop instrumental track, featuring modern, edgy synths, electric guitar and cool club beats. This track could work great for youth targeted promos, sports highlights, reality shows and teen drama series.

Fell From The Sky (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Retro synth-pop track, featuring uplifting synth melodies and mellow guitar chords. The bright synths blend with the melodic guitar parts, creating a nostalgic yet uplifting sound. It could be used in commercials, youth oriented advertisements or technology promos.

Let Me Go (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Fresh, fun and youthful EDM track with modern production values and uplifting, dancing mood.Catchy synths mixed with driving & edgy synth-bass and club beats.Perfect for party scenes, fashion shows, sports

Pure Joy (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Light and snappy acoustic guitar tracks with fun synth melody over drums, bass, and percussions elements. Written specifically for corporate or advertising use, or for product branding. But could work well where you want to add a fun, upbeat, youthful vibe to your production.

Gear Up (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Catchy guitar riffs over driving bass-lines and groovy beats. Upbeat and energetic sound with a positive, motivational mood. This electro-rock track has a raw energy and a steady groove that can make it a perfect soundtrack for sports highlights, athletic commercials, beer ads and party scenes.

Indian Girl (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
A fun and upbeat track that blends modern hip-hop beats with exciting indian female vocals and exotic instruments. A joyful trip through the streets of Delhi and Mumbai, with a groovy and alluring mood. This track can work great for indian oriented scenes, Bollywood productions and reality shows.

Glaciers (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Corporate and positive track, driven by bright synths, piano, percussions, beats and ambient pads. A media-friendly track with pristine production and inspirational mood. It has a can-do attitude, a feeling of success and can work great for corporate presentations, high-tech promos, flash animation.

Young Love (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Fun and very uplifting modern electro pop track with a fresh, youthful sound. Urban beats meet cool synths, and driving bass-lines, creating an energetic and edgy track. Perfect for youth targeted ads, car and mobile commercials, sports highlights and reality tv shows.
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