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Mountain Breeze (Drums and Bass Mix)

by kubed
Upbeat positive world/hip-hop track, featuring marimba percussion, bass and modern beats. It's a fun,"having good time" track with latin flavor. It can work well for travel channel, tourist agencies, documentaries and reality shows.

Shiny Leaves (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Optimistic and upbeat corporate track with positive vibes and fresh production values. Light and easy going synth-based track with a winning, success and "best solution" attitude. It can work great for corporate presentation, sales, technological promos, manufacturing, health care and commercials.

Dark Cloud (No Bass Pad)

by kubed
Sparse,dramatic piano driven track with a sad, melancholic mood and light tension. The background atmospheric pads add texture to the mystery and tension. It could work great for dramatic scenes, mystery movies and alien or ghost related documentaries.

Little Star (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Uplifting indie electro pop track, featuring bright synths, dance beats and driving synth-bass. Fresh and carefree mood with modern production values. It can work great for corporate promos, youthful commercials, positive & health-care advertisements.

Breaking Free (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Pumping Dance-House track with very catchy synth melodies, driving bass-lines and strong club beats. High energy and uplifting mood that can shake the dance floors and work perfectly for workout, exercising, aerobics, youth targeted promos, extreme sports highlights and fashion shows.

Hong Kong Streets (Drums and Bass Mix)

by kubed
Electro, glitch hop track with strong club beats, edgy synth sounds, wobble bass and exotic instruments like zither, pipa and percussion. Fun and upbeat track with great energy and edgy production. A mixture of modern EDM music with asian flavors. Great for sports highlights, commercials and tv.

Fly Away (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Electro House track with great energy and modern production values. It has electric guitar riffs, blended with powerful synths, driving bass-lines and strong club beats. The mood is uplifting and positive, perfect for the dancefloors or workout, aerobics, sports highlights promos.

Partying All The Time (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Energetic and very uplifting EDM track with great dynamics and youthful spirit. High energy synths combined with modern club beats, creating a driving and upbeat positive sound. It can work great for fashion and sports highlights, youth targeted commercials, party scenes and reality tv shows.

Ready To Party (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Youthful and very energetic instrumental dance track. Modern synths mixed with club beats, creating a driving and edgy electro sound. Suitable for youth targeted promos, sports highlights, fashion shows, aerobic and workout routines.

Travelling The World (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Middle Eastern fusion track, featuring acoustic guitar, harp, indian strings and percussion. Exotic, alluring and mystical mood combined with modern hip hop production elements. This track can work well for travel shows, ethnic oriented spots and reality shows.

Tokyo Ride (Drums and Bass Mix)

by kubed
Upbeat hip hop track with asian instruments and lively mood. Cheerful and sexy track with modern production values. It can work great for reality shows, cooking tv programs, ethnic restaurants and commercials.

Giant Birds (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Trap/Electro track with a cool, hard hitting hip-hop beat, catchy modern synths and deep bass. Haunting and hypnotic groove, yet energetic and strong at the same time. Trip-hop, urban atmosphere that can work great for nightclub or party scenes, crime series, youth targeted promos, fight scenes.

Bring It On (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Dynamic and energetic electro-breakbeat track with edgy synth sounds, strong beats and modern production values. Cool breaks blended with driving baselines, creating a powerful and energizing sound. It can work very well for dancing, workout exercise, sports highlights and reality shows.

Fashion Girls (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Modern uplifting dance house track with great energy and positive attitude. Featuring edgy electro synths, driving synth-bass and strong club beats. Catchy and trendy EDM track that can work well for youth targeted commercials, fashion shows, sports highlights and reality tv.

Bang (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
"Bang" is an energetic, modern rock track with big sounding drums and powerful guitar riffs. Inspired by Nickelback, My Darkest Days and similar bands. Works well for action, sports, game show, military scenes, movie trailers, fightings.

Best Wave (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
"Best Wave" is an uplifting and positive track, inspired by The Script, The Fray and similar modern bands. Bright guitars, solid bass, groovy drums, loops, synths, dynamic changes. Works well for YouTube videos, commercials, tv series, websites, corporate videos.

Devious Dramedy (Drums and Bass)

A mischievous orchestral track, playful and campy like Devious Maids, Jane the Virgin and Desperate Housewives, Featuring pizzicato strings, marimba and other orchestral flourishes. It has a fun, cheeky vibe. Great for anything from drama, reality TV and cartoons to kids productions.

Start Over (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Modern Hip-Hop, Dance track featuring electro synths, club beats, flute and strings. The flute and strings add an exotic & sexy touch to the track. Fun and uplifting track that can work great in fashion shows, reality tv, sports shows or youth targeted commercials

Dancefloor Shoes (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Powerful Electro-House track with great energy and uplifting vibes. Bright, driving synths, combined with tight synth bass-lines and big club beats. It's great for dancefloors, workout & aerobic routines, sports highlights, youth targeted commercials and beverage promos.

Hardest Mile Left To Run (Drums & Bass)

by kubed
Dance-House track with great hooks, cool percussive beats, pads, mellow electric guitars and synth-bass. Modern house sound with melodic guitar hooks and bright synths. It has both melancholic and uplifting vibes, with a positive feeling overall. Modern production values.It can work well for sports ...

Pixel World (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Upbeat & groovy electronic track with a very positive attitude and modern, corporate house-music sound. Bright synths combined with steady, club beats, strings, piano and quirky percussion sounds. Uplifting track that can work very well in commercial advertising, corporate presentations, multimedia.
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