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Hefty Drop (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Edgy and grimy Trap track, featuring electro synths,808 sub bass, dubstep talk bass, club beats and strings. Dark energy and dirty grooves, suitable for the dance floors, party scenes, sports highlights, fashion shows and youth targeted commercials.

Manga Anime Drum & Bass Instrumental

Modern liquid drum and bass. Sounds fresh, young and powerful. This tracks makes fun to listen to. Great for games, sports and lifestyle.

Manga Anime Drum & Bass

Modern liquid drum and bass with a manga and anime typical singing female vocal. Sounds fresh, young and powerful. This tracks makes fun to listen to. Great for games, sports and lifestyle.

Rusty Nails (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Dark and gritty trap track with nasty, dubstep synths, growling bass and edgy beats. Fresh production with sexy and mysterious mood. Late night clubbing track that can work great for party scenes, youth targeted promos, sports highlights and fashion shows.

Speed Of Love (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Uplifting and energetic EDM track with great modern synths, pumping beats and driving synth-bass. If you're looking for an energizing, fresh, exciting track to boost up your video productions, this is a great one! Suitable for sports highlights, fashion shows, party scenes and youth oriented promos.

Confessions (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Laid back groovy hip-hop track with catchy piano riffs, deep bass and cool beats. Atmospheric and reflective mood, a cool late night listening with underground trip-hop vibes. Suitable for dramatic scenes, reality shows, documentaries and films.

Crazy Party Lovers (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Modern, uplifting and very energetic EDM track with fresh production. Driving synth-bass, strong and bright, positive synths create a contemporary, youthful club anthem. Suitable for party scenes, youth oriented commercials, sports highlights and fashion shows.

Latin Soul (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
A very cool, latin EDM track, featuring piano and trumpet riffs over edgy club beats and exotic percussion. Cheerful and positive mood that can work great for party scenes, dance competitions, commercials, tv projects and reality shows.

Miami Vibes (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
A latin hip-hop fusion track, featuring spanish acoustic guitar, trumpets, accordion, warm baselines and hip-hop beats. It has a cool, chilled out groove and vivid summery vibes. It can work great for latin oriented shows & promos, party scenes and commercials.

Electro Dance Fast - DRUM&BASS

ALTERNATE VERSION with only the deep drums & basses background. (Very particular crossover Dance/Techno/Electric pop/Trip hop with high energy and hooking melodies in fast tempo.)

Electro Dance Medium - DRUM&BASS

ALTERNATE VERSION with only the deep drums & basses background. (Very particular Techno/Dance crossover with many melodies and a building structure. It's a kind of space journey, energic but not loud in mid-tempo.)

Rising Force (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Epic, hybrid orchestral electro track with great energy and modern production values. Glorious strings blend with edgy synths, hard hitting drums and male chants, create a dramatic-energizing mood and lead to an intense, Hollywood style ending. Great for action movie trailers and sports promos.

Do The Funk (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
A colorful funk-rock track with modern EDM twists and cool hip-hop vibes. The funky wah-wah guitars and groovy beats, blend nicely with edgy, dubstep sounds and create a catchy, upbeat track. Fun, dancing mood, with great energy and tight production. Perfect for sports, commercials, party scenes.

Endless Night (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Atmospheric and groovy hip-hop track, featuring piano, smooth keys, deep bass-line and edgy beats. Reflective and sophisticated mood that flirts with trip-hop and underground grooves. Late night listening with a cool, laid-back vibe.

Summer Resort (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Cool deep house track with warm, funky baselines, percussive beats, "chicago house" style chord stabs and catchy, rhythmic acoustic guitar partsGroovy and relaxing track, with a trippy, upbeat mood. It can work great for fashion shows, commercials, background workout music and dance routines

Predator (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
The predator is watching and about to make a move. Tension is building up, target is locked and there's no way out! Dark timpani blend with percussion hits, edgy cinematic strings and fast paced percussive beats. Full of adrenaline and suspense track with a climaxed ending.

Swagger Break (Drums and Bass)

by kubed
Breakbeat electro track with great dynamics, fresh sound and youthful mood. Upbeat and cool drums, combined with edgy synths and driving bass-lines. Energizing track that's suitable for sports highlights, fashion show, commercials and youth oriented promos.

Easy Top (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
Good feeling, powerful rock and roll music. ZZ Top meet AC/DC :). Straight line of drums and bass, groovy guitar riffs. Guitar solo and pipes part in the final part of track. Great for movies, soundtracks, action, sports, cars, racing, commercials, presentations.

Easy Ukulele (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
Easy Ukulele is a happy and frendly ukulele track with a simple and catchy melody. This music will help you to provide a positive and carefree vibe to your video or presentation. Works well as background music for corporate promotional videos, advertising projects, cartoons.

Headliner (Drums And Bass)

by Evgeny
A very active and groovy track! Different guitar riffs and licks are based on a strong groove of drums and bass. Attractive fills and breaks as well as dynamic changes will allow you to create a modern, full of action video.
Yann Keerim