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Past Futures (No Drums No Bass)

Downtempo Ambient Chill-out with piano, lush and airy synth pads, and a somewhat mechanical sounding drum kit, makes this a unique and atmospheric chill-out track with a nod to past and future times. Sincere, emotive chords and piano melodies. There is also a "No Drums No Bass" version which has a v...

Jazz Fusion (Drums Bass only)

An uptempo, groovy and swinging jazz piano track. Jazz trio featuring acoustic piano, acoustic bass and drums. Classic jazz fusion / jazz club type material.

Almost Blue (Drums Bass only)

A light and pleasant, acoustic jazz lounge track. Jazz piano, upright bass, jazzy drums. Happy / Relaxed / Easy-going.

Enter the Machine (No Bass Synth)

A cue consisting mainly of electronic sounds and synths. Large "bram" sounds from brass mixed with epic sounding strings which create a large cinematic sound. Distorted drums and driving guitars make this a huge sounding track.

A Storm Brews (No Bass Synth)

A dark and broody hybrid track mixing electronic and orchestral elements. Creates a feeling of tension, darkness and terror. Good for a trailer, drama, crime in progress etc.

Rights of Man (No Drums or Bass)

Contemporary Irish folk. Irish flute, acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle. Lively and bouncy.

Roxborough Castle (No Drums or Bass)

Contemporary Irish folk / Scottish folk. Celtic flute, acoustic guitars. Lively and bouncy.

Its Folk Jim (No Drums Or Bass)

Folk guitar plucking and picking over an acoustic drum beat. Earthy, fun and relaxed. Great as a background track. Features acoustic guitars and a banjo top line.

Andean Nights (No Drums Or Bass)

Hot blooded, brooding South American, slight Flamenco feel. Spanish guitars over drums and bass. Also available in two different Underscore versions; one without the lead, and one without drums or bass.

The Galway Road (No Bass or Bodhran)

Happy, organic and earthy, Irish / Celtic folk dance. Acoustic guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bodhran and bass.

Dirt Road (No Bass)

Funky country hoe down. Multiple banjos and acoustic drums. Toe-tapping fun.

Boondocks (No Bass)

Classic style blues rock / southern rock. Slide guitars over raucous, funky drums.

Skydiver (Drums n Bass)

by kubed
This powerful electronic track builds nicely to a cathcy, euphoric chorus. It has trance synth-arps and electro bass-lines. It's uplifting and very energetic. Modern production values combined with a tight sound.

Like This (Drums n Bass)

by kubed
Electro-Pop track, very energetic and catchy. Modern electro synths combined with driving bass-lines and tight drumming. It has a contemporary, youthful feeling and it could work great for teen-targeted, sports, workout, mobile phone, fashion, technology promos

Surfing On Mars (Drums n Bass)

by kubed
Hip-Hop track with very uplifting, summery mood. Acoustic guitars, blended with rap beats, horns and funky bass-lines. Groovy and danceable track with upbeat positive attitude. It's a cool fusion of hip-hop, latin and reggae genres. It's one to cheer you up!

Energizer (Drums n Bass)

by kubed
Piano driven electro-house track,perfect for aerobics & workout routines.Uptempo and very energetic tune,motivating and very uplifting vibes.The piano blends with modern electro bass-lines and the beat are the driving force of the track.Clean and modern production.

Flash (Drums n Bass)

by kubed
Instrumental EDM track with strong orchestral strings, house beats, driving electro bass-lines, catchy synths and modern production values. The orchestral strings blend with the edgy synths & house beats and create a very energetic and uplifting track. It has powerful transitions and uplifting mood.

Electro Shock Rock bass & drums version

‘Electro Shock Rock’ is a high energy spunky funky punky rock track. It’s high energy, fast and fun. Pumping drums are joined by a grooving distorted bass line and crunching rocking guitars to create an energetic and upbeat track which has one foot in the past with its classic ...

Wannabe Be A Rock Star - bass & drums only

‘Wannabe Be a Rock Star’ is a super-cool hybrid of electronic & electric guitar driven rock. High energy, driving and sexy. Pumping live drums, a distorted bass groove, chunky rhythm & hot lead guitars and sweeping modern synths to create an irresistible track with a memorable energy.

Shine a Light (No Drums or Bass)

This happy-go-lucky track features Ukulele and whistling. The track definitely has a bluegrass / country feel, but the ukulele and occasional ooh-ooh background vocals also gives the track a slightly tropical or hawaiian feel. This is a great track for easy living, fun and holidays, enjoying the sim...
Yann Keerim