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Smooth House (Instrumental)

Super smooth and nonchalant: This relaxed house / lounge satisfies with disco grooves, e-piano, ethereal synth pads and an easy percussion beat. Ideal for holidy, travel, leisure and sunny days!

I Want You Too (Instrumental Version)

Acoustic guitars and a bongo ensemble exude Caribbean summer vibes. Great Latin pop for summer, holiday, travel and more!

Silent Sky (Instrumental Version)

Light, dreamy film score with floating pads, atmospheric sounds and voices in the background. Perfect for fantasy.

Just Love (Instrumental Version)

Romantic-sounding composition with an emotional piano melody. Ideal for thoughtful and dreamy scenes.

This Is Now And Forever (Instrumental Version)

Modern Pop EDM. Sounds fresh, uplifting, youthful and free! Great optimistic piece for youth, lifestyle and fashion.

Tree Of Life (Instrumental Version)

Epic film music with a great mix of orchestral and modern sounds. Tender and soulful Intro develops in the second half to an epic fireworks of sounds and emotions. Fantastic sounds, cinematic percussion, catchy choir and a euphoric theme provide an unforgettable sound experience. Ideal for big image...

Come To Life (Instrumental Version)

Fresh, poppy EDM / Dubstep production that brings together heady synth melodies and massive dubstep grooves. Great, optimistic piece for youth, lifestyle, fashion and film

BE MY HEART (Instrumental)

"Be My Heart" is a ballad for all adolescents and young lover's out there. Suitable for any scene/commercial that needs uplifting and upbeat contemporary sounding track. Enjoy the ride and enjoy this sweet sounding track.

ONE WEEK (Instrumental)

DANGER! You are entering a threatening and ominous world of ROCK. Stabbing guitars, ripping bass lines, and gut check drums. This song is heavy with Pop sensibilities. Vibes: Strong, Moving Forward, Hard Rock, Killer Guitar Solo

HOWEVER (Instrumental)

Capture the passion of two lovers intertwined or catch a sentimental break in your film. This song is about love with no boundaries. Like it's message, this song blends into R&B and Country as it slowly ends.

FREE WAY (Instrumental)

Mixed with Pop and Rock Elements, this jam is open-ended and funky to the bone to be used just about anywhere. Use as needed for funky, and B-Roll. Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock

GUYS AND GIRLS (Instrumental)

This is a great pop song that can be used just about anywhere for a happy school or party setting. It quickly has anyone imagining a party setting or school dance scenery. Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock

Trap Pop Instrumental

Modern Trap / Hip Hop with a catchy synths and casual beats. Great sound for youth, party, lifestyle and film.

You Make Me Happy (Instrumental Version)

Easygoing Acoustic - Folk - Pop with a catchy melody. Conveys motivation, vitality and lightness. Ideally suited for image movies, Corporate -Product Presentation, TV and especially advertising!

Life Is A Gear (Instrumental)

Impelling dancehall with thumping electro tunes, Ragga vocals, brass and massive beat drops. Groovy piece for youth, lifestyle, sports, Reggae culture and the Caribbean.

Young Sommer Love (Instrumental Version)

Mellow Dream house with vocal chops and catchy synth melodies. Sounds young and hopeful.

In Your Darkest Hour...TV trax Instrumental

Great upbeat instrumental tune with a exotic, yet hard driving rhythm section . Ethereal exotic keyboard parts, inspiring lyrics, killer guitar solo with classical orchestral elements as well.

Be Who You Are (instrumental)

Upbeat, joyful vocal track, with a friendly folk - country flavor and a nice, optimistic, motivational message, perfect for any production where a positive, happy vibe is needed. Instrumental and no lead versions also available, check them out!
Yann Keerim