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A distant voice

Beautiful, melancholy & romantic composition for piano & orchestra accompanied by treated & haunting vocals,& ambient pads & sounds. Slow, Heartfelt & warm. Spiritual & emotional. Soft, lush, relaxing and moving, this will add a touch of class to your production and create a moment of serene calm.

Return to Witchwood

A grand, cinematic, sweeping Fantasy track blending elements of ambient music, new age, progressive rock and orchestral, movie style music, Emotional / emotive, Amazement / wonderment, Amazing discoveries, grand adventures, Also carries a sense of melancholy / nostalgia, Many different parts through...

Dramatic Choral Ethereal Ambient

Cinematic & Dramatic orchestral film strings for movies, documentaries, tv shows and video games.

Sunset (Climatic Environment Ambient Music)

Very calm ambient music with delayed harp and synthisezer. It's perfect for depicting scenes of sunset and sunrise, wide sweeping aerial photography of seascapes, mountainscapes, vast areas of open nature. Spacious and sweeping. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Psybient

Dreamy Emotional (Background Ambient Music)

Very deep dreaming type ambient music. Otherworldly, abstract sounding ambient music - soft guitars, lovely and relaxing piano keys. Can be used for science fiction, romantic adult drama storylines, commericials for lifestyle products with a soft sell. Beautiful and richly textured. Instrumental, Dr...

Atmospheric Spacy Ambient (Background Music)

Spacey sounding and deep ambient music for dramatic projects and video games. Otherworldly, worrisome, depressing, reflective, suitable for conveying a sad mood. Synthesizer pads with harps. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Psybient

Ruler Of All Things

Dramatic rolling string & orchestra/pop crossover which sounds a little like Viva La Vida by Coldplay. Driving pulsating uplifting modern instrumental soundtrack composition for strings orchestra & percussion. Strings are joined by drums, bells & timpani to create an emotionally compelling tune whi...

Moon Walk

A delicate tranquil slow romantic piano & orchestral piece whi I have written as an alternative to, (& tribute to) Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. Very romantic it brings to mind shimmering lakes in the moonlight & couples sharing their love. Will work beautifully for that most romantic passionate scenes...

Love's Forever Kiss

Delicate & ethereal this contemporary high-end production dramatic piece, which features real grand piano & orchestral strings is steeped in romance. It starts with just piano & builds & swells to a wonderful orchestral climax. Both modern & classic, it is slow & beautiful, warm & magical. Perfect f...

Silver Clouds

Piano & orchestral strings combine to create the most lushly dramatic & inspiring touching motivating piece of music. Starting with delicate piano, & building, adding layer after layer of cellos, violins, brasses & heavenly angelic women's choir, this music will take your breath away. inspirational,...
Yann Keerim