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14b ballet on the water 2 (more abstract)

Production Music suitable for documentaries, games, ads, web. Covering all music styles, Nikos Platyrachos has been producing music for films and commercials.

Mysterious Beautiful Cinematic

by Aquilo
A beautiful track in the style of the American Beauty soundtrack by Thomas Newman. Features marimba as the main instrument for a mysterious, yet curious feel.

Chill Glitch Loop

A downtempo and relaxed tune with glitchy and atmospheric guitar with trip hop drums and a soothing melody.

Mysterious and Ambient

by Aquilo
A mysterious composition in the style of Michael Nyman (American Beauty soundtrack), or Brian Eno. Features ambient synths combined with a melodic piano.

Desert Flutes

Atmospheric, ambient track that combines flutes with the sound of wind. Slow chord progression with long note durations. Sounds complex and simple at the same time. It makes your mind travel.

Venturing Into Deep Space

by Aquilo
The final frontier. Space. Deep space. This orchestral track is mysterious and epic and fits a science fiction context as well as a real-life nature documentary.

On The Road

Gentle and sleepy piece driven by guitar and baritone sax on pad'n'groove background. This slightly unreal and abstract mood associates well with calm late night climate. A bit of tranquility and a bit of sensual thrill. General underscore for film, tv and media. Also relaxation, enjoyment, chilling...

Dessert wind

Building tension as this track pulls you in. Feels like a dark murder mystery, or a mysterious adventure leading to a sudden discovery. At just over two minutes, this track makes for a perfect tension filled scene!

Heavenly Clouds

Slow, spacious, ethereal, textured track with dreamy,exotic & emotional chanted vocal samples. be whisked away on the calm breeze to foreign lands. Very cinematic and moody

Looking in to the sky

Slow, spacious, ethereal, textured track with dreamy,exotic & emotional chanted vocal samples. be whisked away on the calm breeze to foreign lands. Very cinematic and moody


Gentle but edgy abstract piece that portrays a variety of moods with variations in pitch and tone. The piece can be edited to suit the nature of the narrative. would suit a poignant, alternative or artistic documentary narrative. A number of mood variations are available in 30 second versions.

A Strong Future

Modern electro dance pop with a hint of both ambient and trance music. A cool rolling bass line is accompanied by minimal drums until the larger and more euphoric synths join and take it up a level to a new state of energy and positivity. Perfect for fashion shows and movies.

Dreamy Emotional (Background Ambient Music)

Very deep dreaming type ambient music. Otherworldly, abstract sounding ambient music - soft guitars, lovely and relaxing piano keys. Can be used for science fiction, romantic adult drama storylines, commericials for lifestyle products with a soft sell. Beautiful and richly textured. Instrumental, Dr...


Mix of Full Symphony Orchestra with Boys Choir and Electronic instruments. Intro with calm and quiet sounds cape with cosmic theme leading to Open Boys Choir and last part is Screaming brass with gigantic Symphony Orchestra. Appropriate for Space Documentaries, Planets, Space, Stars, Sci-Fi and more

Lost In Desperation

There is something mystical and creepy coming out of the dark. Are you scared? Suspenseful, instrumental, atmosphere textures and a smooth piano in the background. Ideal for tv, film, video, game, ad or for a underscore track for all drama and sci-fi.

Last Call

Very experimental, abstract,mysterious,dark and haunting ambient track. perfect for documentary films,horror/tension/suspense scenes.

Lonely Ever After

Mysterious, exotic and delving into the unknown.Slow and solemn ambient piece synths pad layers and beautiful cello solo in the second part with a dreamy effects. Very mournful, sad, mysterious and yet dreamy, reflective, and meditative. Good for adult dramas, nature documentaries, sci-fi, mysteries...


Dramatic track played by mixed modern orchestra with techno trip hop drum beats. With a sad piano themes. Appropriate for main title for drama series, TV, Shorts, Episodes, commercials, advertisements and many more. Appropriate for advertisement of mechanical instruments, robots, cars, parts, electr
Yann Keerim