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Queen And a Four - French Horn Opening

Intriguing classical intro with expressing a mysterious situation. I used french horn, tuba, trombone, concert bass drum, crash and bassoon. Usable in film scenes.

Into China

An expressive and very cinematic theme led by a chinese flute and gamelan, resulting in a strong asian/chinese/japanese cinema sound. Very heroic and emotive. Think The Last Samurai.

The Dark Fall

A dark, evil and emotive score. Very climatic, brilliant, intense and epic. Available with or without the dramatic choir section.

The Magic Harp

Tells the story of a magic harp with a beautiful and delicate harp solo - very moving and expressive. An orchestra then accompanies the tune to a dramatic and emotional climax.

Sad gentle moment with voice and guitar

A sad, heartfelt string atmosphere that is ideal for evoking a tender, dramatic ambience. Live and sensitive performance with a sweet expressive melody and a melancholic, passionate arrangement that pulls at the heartstrings

Destination - Loop

Electronica loop with a sad vibe and expressing a feeling of having been hurt. Suitable for youtube videos, movie and film and other media. I used drums, synths and pads.

It Seems Impossible - Outro

Classical outro with an intense and disquieting feeling. Uses viola, strings, cello, pizzicato, double bass and zildjian crash. Suitable for movies, film, presentations, intro, outro, opener, opening, finale.

Patch Of Grime - Loop

Expressive electronica loop with a sad / upset vibe. Suitable for games, youtube, film, documentaries etc.

Woodwinds Intro

Classical intro with a touch of playfulness and perhaps a little silly, featuring clarinet, flute, contrabassoon, castanets, a sparkling sound in the beginning and roto toms. You can use it for video productions, film, movies, broadcasts, radio openers and other.

Elegant Piano Intro 6

Electric piano intro with a sad touch. Suitable as intro, outro, opener, beginning, ending or finale for youtube videos, documentaries, broadcasts or other projects.

Origin - Loop 1

Sweet romantic classical music loop suitable for youtube, presentations, movies and television. The loop is based on my track "Origin".


Sweet romantic classical music loop suitable for youtube, presentations, movies and television.

Strings Attached - Loop

Loop with pizzicato strings: viola, violin, double bass and contrabass. plus a xylophone in the second half. Suitable for various media applications, different projects, youtube, presentations.
Yann Keerim