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Cheerful Country Pop (Stinger)

Cheerful and happy country music track featuring banjo, tuba and acoustic guitar typically heard as a soundtrack to Western movies, also great for TV commercials, documentaries, YouTube videos and more.

Emotional Rock Ballad (Stinger)

Emotional and sentimental Pop-Rock Ballad with a romantic touch featuring inspiring guitar melodies, solid bass and energetic drums. Perfect for film and TV, YouTube videos about romance, relationships and much more.

Happy Little Tune (Stinger)

Positive and happy, childlike and catchy, music track with a playful ukulele, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, banjo, bass guitar and an easygoing beat. Great for commercials and YouTube, Children's videos, TV and film.

Happy Summer Vacation (Stinger)

Cheerful, happy and energetic Pop-Rock music track with a positive atmosphere featuring playful acoustic guitars, a warm bass and a lively beat. Fresh, bright and blithe mood of this track is perfect for TV Commercials, YouTube videos, Corporate and business projects, new product promos, Happy famil...

Latin Bossa Nova (Stinger)

Passionate and emotional Latin composition in a Bossa Nova style with authentic acoustic guitars, light percussion, a warm bass and a gentle drumbeat. Great for romantic videos, vacation and travel videos, Hot nights and dance scenes in films and videos.

Ultimate Rock Drive (Stinger)

Energetic and groovy Rock music track with catchy electric guitar riffs, Hammond Organ and a cool drum beat. Edgy track full of energy and drive that is perfect for commercials, YouTube videos and movies on cars, motorcycles, sports, lifestyle, open road, bar and youth topics.

Day of Destruction (Stinger)

A big, bold and dramatic hybrid orchestral cinematic trailer track. Massive percussive impacts develop into a powerful and energetic orchestral theme, building to a huge climax with choirs and electric guitars. Great for trailers, presentations and videos that need a hollywood style soundtrack.

Let The Games Begin (Stinger)

by kubed
Brazilian flavored dance track with great energy and uplifting mood. It combines festive horns, electric guitar, brazilian percussion and edgy synth-bass sounds. Very upbeat, energetic and vibrant track that is suitable for the Olympic Games, summer sport events, dancing and partying scenes.

Sunkissed Shore (Stinger)

by kubed
Fresh, upbeat tropical house track with uplifting synths, deep bass, cool percussion and tight beat. Hypnotic groove with a relaxing, dancing mood. Perfect soundtrack for the summer vacation, party scenes, sports highlights, fashion shows and commercials

Follow The Sun (Stinger)

by kubed
Chill House track with vivid summery vibes and fresh production. A combination of shiny synths, chill pads, deep bass and club beats that has a cool, relaxing yet groovy style. This track is suitable for party scenes, sports highlights, fashion shows, commercials, lifestyle tv and dance floors.

Devotion (Stinger)

by kubed
Summery deep house tracks with a cool groove and relaxing mood. Progressively building synths combined with club beats and deep bass. Chill out vibes with a strong groove that can work great for sports highlights, fashion shows, lifestyle tv programs and party scenes.

Invasion (Stinger)

Let battle commence. This epic, powerful and cinematic orchestral track has deep booming percussion, powerful horns, strings, bass drums, snares and choirs. Great for creating a Hans Zimmer style feeling of tension and awe. Conveys intense danger, action and drama. Great for trailers and projects th...

Country Caper Stinger

Screwball Country and Western fused with a little Bluegrass. Frenetic, and just a bit silly. Great for comedy, chases and radio/podast bumpers.

Playtime (Stinger)

A quirky, fun track perfect for comedies, children's parties, animations and cartoons. Great for dramedy scenes like those in Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids. With pizzicato strings, woodwinds, marimba and triangle, it has a light, humorous and slightly mischievous vibe.

Speed (Stinger)

A high energy, action sports rock track with electric guitars, driving percussion and synth elements. Great for sports competitions, trailers, games, promos, podcasts, chase scenes and projects that needs a dramatic, dynamic soundtrack.

Bestmatch Corporate (stinger)16bit

Positive and uplifting corporate track with powerful groove.. available in these 5 edits Bestmatch Corporate (main 2:38) Bestmatch Corporate (extended 3:09) Bestmatch Corporate (essential 2:04) Bestmatch Corporate ( looped groove 2:14) Bestmatch Corporate (stinger 0:46)

Hefty Drop (Stinger)

by kubed
Edgy and grimy Trap track, featuring electro synths,808 sub bass, dubstep talk bass, club beats and strings. Dark energy and dirty grooves, suitable for the dance floors, party scenes, sports highlights, fashion shows and youth targeted commercials.

B2B Corporate (stinger 0;28) 16bit

Uplifting and inspirational track with nice upbeat easy listening dance groove, piano riffs and urban sound... available in 5 edits: B2B Corporate (main 2:23) B2B Corporate (packed 1:45) B2B Corporate (essential 1:00) B2B Corporate (looped main groove 1:17) B2B Corporate (stinger 0:28)

Rusty Nails (Stinger)

by kubed
Dark and gritty trap track with nasty, dubstep synths, growling bass and edgy beats. Fresh production with sexy and mysterious mood. Late night clubbing track that can work great for party scenes, youth targeted promos, sports highlights and fashion shows.

Rusty Nails (Stinger 2)

by kubed
Dark and gritty trap track with nasty, dubstep synths, growling bass and edgy beats. Fresh production with sexy and mysterious mood. Late night clubbing track that can work great for party scenes, youth targeted promos, sports highlights and fashion shows.

Speed Of Love (Stinger)

by kubed
Uplifting and energetic EDM track with great modern synths, pumping beats and driving synth-bass. If you're looking for an energizing, fresh, exciting track to boost up your video productions, this is a great one! Suitable for sports highlights, fashion shows, party scenes and youth oriented promos.
Yann Keerim