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Baroque Flute Intro

Baroque piece of classical music with flute, bass clarinet, tuba, expressing a feeling of angst, uneasiness.

Ceremonial Orchestral Intro

Orchestral intro suitable for opening a ceremony or as underscore in movies in scenes with something big like a big spaceship / space station coming into view, or a hero doing something. It's something heroic about it. I used samples of french horn, chamber ensemble (strings), double bass and violin...

Alone In The Universe - Intro

Sad and depressing piano short opener usable as scene transition background music in movies and documentaries. It sounds like the emptiness between the stars, the solitude of space, the loneliness of the universe.

Beneath The Surface - Intro 1

Almost angry classical opener, expressing mixed feelings of fear, anger, suspense. Can be used in movies, films, documentaries. I used sample of cello, viola, piano, snare ensemble and timpani. This loop is based on my clip 'Beneath The Surface'.

Beneath The Surface - Intro 2

Almost angry classical opening clip, expressing mixed feelings of fear, anger. Can be used in movies, films, documentaries. I used sample of cello, viola, piano, snare ensemble and timpani. This loop is based on my clip 'Beneath The Surface'.

Rhythmic Drums Intro

Rhythmic drums opener expressing that attention, being attentive (something big is coming) is needed. It's motivating and energizing. Can be used in cinematic climactic or action scenes, or in sports events commencement (like entering a football field, college football), or as a prelude to anything ...

Solving The Case - Intro

Classical intro expressing some disturbing tension. Usable in movies, films, scores, video games, cinematographic media, motion pictures. I'm using samples of english horn, contrabassoon, flute, pizzicato violin.

Gentle Vibes Intro

Slow vibes intro suitable for various media projects. It has a gentle touch. I used vibes, bassoon, piccolo flute and tuba.

The Entry - Rock Intro

This is an exciting and energetic rock intro, suitable for documentaries, tv shows, sport broadcasts, youtube videos and more. I used guitar, bass, drums and a vintage organ.

Triumphant Intro 2

An uplifting fanfare performed by powerful french horns and orchestra. For triumphant film scene and presentation.

The Theory - Intro 2

Acoustic upright bass solo intro expressing manliness. suitable for scenes in movies or documentaries, but also in ads, advertising.

Nostalgic Electronic Intro

Sad vibe electronic intro suitable as a tv series intro, or as an opener for various media projects. It's something nostalgic about it. I used synthesizers and pad.

Follow My Lead (No Intro)

Mellow and melancholic Folk/Americana with an Acoustic Pop feel. Laidback and easy-going. Main acoustic guitar part sets in after a short electric guitar intro.

Upright Bass And Flute Intro

Acoustic bass and flute intro for movie / film scenes. It has a retro 60s / 70s vibe.

Starfound - Intro

Retro sounding music intro, reminding of the eighties - some fun retro eighties like movies. It has a warm optimistic vibe. I used bass, synths, pads and drums. It sounds like some pop music that was recorded from an old vcr. This intro is based on my clip 'Starfound':

Beginnings Of The Cinema - Intro

Audio clip that you can put in the beginning of a documentary about the early cinematography era / silent movies, or even in an independent silent movie made in this era. I used a synth.

Calisia Carnival Intro

Medieval or celtic sounding Fantasy piece with flute, tamborine and traditional drums. Medieval inn, town, festival or dance.

Rising Again (60 seconds - intro)

60 seconds (intro) version of a beautiful, emotional track that offers a variety of moods and melodic atmospheres. Check out the full version and 3 more 60 seconds version with different moods and instrumentation.

Classical Sound Wave - Intro

Nice classical intro, using viola, violin, glock, cello, english horn. Suitable as opener for various video or radio projects.
Yann Keerim