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Cinematic Dubstep Intro (Electronic Corporate Logo)

Cinematic dubstep intro for hi-tech video beginings or introductions. Heavy, modern, intense and powerful.

Playful Lite Piano Intro

Playful lite piano introduction for movie scenes, documentary scenes or as a tv promo.

Just In Time - Short Intro

Short piano introduction for use in film scenes or documentaries. It expresses confidence and being motivated. Feel free to also check out other of my stuff.

Positive Piano Short Intro

Short piano opener for tv (as a tv promo) or for various media projects. It's optimistic and kinda happy.

A Little Suspicious - Intro

Short classical music introduction for video games, or cartoons. Usable also in some documentaries or film scenes.

Playing With A Hamster - Intro

Piano intro that sounds playful and lighthearted. Usable in movie scenes, documentaries. Feel free to also check out my other stuff.

Happy China Intro

Musical introduction for tv shows or documentaries about the east, china, asia. It resembles traditional music from that part of the world. I used viola and violin. Feel free to also check out my other stuff.

Orchestral Corporate Intro (Cinematic Epic Inspiring Motivating Advertising)

An epic orchestral trailer music ideal for commercial use, advertisment, company representations and coporate web videos. Positive, uplifting, encouraging, proud, inspirational, patriotic, inspiring, glorious, brave, escalating, confident and motivating. Accomplishing success, building on intensity,...

Full Splash (Intro Music)

Powerful rock intro with distorted electric guitars, drum beats, voice samples and sound effects (audience, strom). Sounds wild and strong!

Fight for Freedom - Cinematic Trailer (Intro)

An epic, dramatic and heroic hybrid orchestral cue with driving spiccato strings, soaring horns, deep rhythmic drums and angelic choirs. An emotional beginning builds into a powerful, uplifting theme. This confident, powerful track conveys determination, heroism and drama. Each individual section is...

Private Little Feelings - Game Intro

Introduction music for retro video games. It's cute and sweet. I used synths and pad. feel free to also check out my other stuff.

Weird Simplistic Game Intro

Weird sounding introduction music for video games. For silly video games, that is, since this music sounds kinda silly...And it's simplistic.

Romantic Happy Accordion - Intro

Short intro using accordion, expressing a feeling of happiness and something romantic. usable in movies, film scenes and some video games.

Not Losing My Temper - Intro

Short acoustic upright bass intro (2 basses) suitable as opener for film scenes or documentaries.

Reading From The Heart - Intro

Short piano opening for movie scenes or film or some documentaries. It's both romantic and sad. Feel free to check out my other piano intros too.

Kids Show - Intro

Short pleasant intro for tv shows about or with kids. It's...enjoyable.

Half Asleep Intro

Kind of sleepy music introduction. Used classical instruments: clarinet and bass clarinet. Usable in some movies, documentaries and some video games.

Broken Heart - Zither Intro

Short zither instrumental intro for sad moments, depressing scenes or such. Usable in films, movies, documentaries.

Harp Inspiring Short Intro

Short harp intro for apps or some video games. Feel free to also check my other stuff.

Coming Back Too Late - Intro

Short piano introduction for film scenes and movies. Feel free to also check my other stuff.
Yann Keerim