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Shiny Leaves (No Melody)

by kubed
Optimistic and upbeat corporate track with positive vibes and fresh production values. Light and easy going synth-based track with a winning, success and "best solution" attitude. It can work great for corporate presentation, sales, technological promos, manufacturing, health care and commercials.

Hong Kong Streets (No Melody Mix)

by kubed
Electro, glitch hop track with strong club beats, edgy synth sounds, wobble bass and exotic instruments like zither, pipa and percussion. Fun and upbeat track with great energy and edgy production. A mixture of modern EDM music with asian flavors. Great for sports highlights, commercials and tv.

Tokyo Ride (No Melody Mix)

by kubed
Upbeat hip hop track with asian instruments and lively mood. Cheerful and sexy track with modern production values. It can work great for reality shows, cooking tv programs, ethnic restaurants and commercials.

Live Life Happy (Without Melody)

An infectious, high energy, fun dance and pop track that conveys a happy, celebratory, uplifting sense of movement. With a successful combination of pumping beats and lush synths.

All Night Party (No Piano Melody)

An energetic, uplifting, catchy, contemporary dance track with a powerful beat, bright pianos, guitars, lush synth sounds and an infectious melody. Conveys, fun, happiness and a party atmosphere.

Happy Toes (No Melody)

A quirky and lighthearted track that has a light and fun mood created by kids guitar, whacky flute, crazy clapping and powerful jazzy brass. Starts with a small amount of energy and grows in intensity throughout.

Quirky Creatures (No Melody)

A whacky, quirky and silly track that creates a warmhearted and fun mood. Some unusual rhythms and instruments help to create a childish and mischievous sound.

Follow the Elves (No Melody)

A mid-paced quirky track with a constant pulse throughout. Sinister and ominouous undertones with a dash of lighthearted innocence throughout.

Wisteria Lane (No melody)

A quirky and lighthearted track with pizzicato strings, glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba, harp and other unusual instruments. Quirky sections followed by beautiful and loving sections dominated by the harp.

Peekaboo (No melody)

An innocent and upbeat track that has a hint of mystery and comedy to it. Harp, piano, pizzicato strings and unusual percussion come together to create a quirky mood.

The Quirky Traveller (No Melody)

A track reminiscent in sound and style to Lemony Snickett's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" by Danny Elfman. Strange and unusual sounding mandolin creates an ominous mood that is kept warm and friendly by other instruments including harp, bass guitar, stomping and clapping, celesta and strings.

Plodding Along (No Melody)

A fun and unique sounding quirky little track that is very innocent and playful. Kids guitar mixed with flowing woodwinds and loads of unusual percussion provide a warm and relaxed mood.

Tippy Toes (No melody)

An ominous and mysterious track, that remains innocent, bouncy and fun. Sparse and light instrumentation works well to create a whimsical and quirky mood.

Dancefloor Shoes (No Melody)

by kubed
Powerful Electro-House track with great energy and uplifting vibes. Bright, driving synths, combined with tight synth bass-lines and big club beats. It's great for dancefloors, workout & aerobic routines, sports highlights, youth targeted commercials and beverage promos.

268 A New Fresh ukulele Ac2 No Melody

A fresh and unique rack featuring ukulele, strings, drums, bass and mallets, as well as electronics.

Upbeat Bouncy Piano - Piano Melody

by Aquilo
An upbeat and uplifting piano track fitting for corporate use or commercials. Features piano, finger snaps and light drums.

Upbeat Bouncy Piano - No Melody

by Aquilo
An upbeat and uplifting piano track fitting for corporate use or commercials. Features piano, finger snaps and light drums.
Yann Keerim