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Wedding Photo

Spacious and inspirational track with electric and acoustic guitars and romantic piano theme available in 3 edits: Wedding photo (main) Wedding photo (essential) Wedding photo (looped groove)

Lucid Dream

This is a hybrid electro-acoustic ambient track, very versatile, inspiring, interesting and yet unobtrusive. It smoothly develops from a sparse beginning to a majestic, cinematic final section. Ideal as background music for a wide variety of production purposes: travel, space, spirituality, scenery,...

Better Days Ahead

A nice, mellow acoustic track, very atmospheric, sincere, earthy. It starts with just acoustic guitar and it gradually builds up with more guitars, brushed drums and strings. Very evocative, descriptive, versatile, ideal for many different kinds of production. A vocal version is also available calle...

Total Madness

Totally crazy and weird electronic instrumental for your crazy and weird projects. I hope you like it.

Walk In The Clouds

Electronic track with different synths combined with brass and nice, strong drums. I hope you like it.

Speed Demon

Ready, steady, go! Fast, modern, catchy, addictive, futuristic and very inspiring and motivating piece of music. This energizing, stimulating, exciting and breathtaking track will add speed and adrenalin to your project! Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video proj...

SciFi Invaders

These pieces are great fun - quirky, bouncy and nostalgic. They evoke videogames in the 1980s (and are perfect for videogames with a retro feel). They feature synthesizers, chip-tune sounds and a strong beat.


The ultimate chill out piece that swims in a sea of calmness. Can be used in travelogues, natural documentaries and anything else that celebrates the diversity of Mother Nature. A slow meditative beat that reflects Asian influence (complete with kotos and chimes) and ultimately promotes positivity.

Podmen From Sector 7

A fun camp nod to 50s sci-fi scoring. Featuring a full orchestra, completed with spooky theremin. Eerie and eccentric. Well suited to sci-fi, retro, parody, horror, kids and halloween.

Hip Hop Shadows

This track mixes an old-skool HipHop feel with dub elements. It's great for a chilled, stoned, spacious and urban feel

Sparkling Snowflakes

This short piece is perfect for a Christmas theme - it's warm, touching and nostalgic with a percussive feel that evokes winter and snow

Andromeda Planet

Powerfull energetic electronic music. Ideally for your projects.

Atmospheric Backrgroud

Nice mellow electronic chillout soulful music. Can be used in your video, scientific, space, travel and the other projects.
Yann Keerim