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Soldier Or Hero

Very epic symphonic start, then the war begins and one brave soldier ends up fighting in modern warfare, accompanied by a catchy, raw rock tune with powerful chords in the end of the track. Highly suitable for a (shooter)game, intro, trailer or soundtrack.

A Soldier's Memorial

Patriotic orchestral piece with a military epic feel. Memorial Day or Veteran's Day tribute.

plastic soldier

Marching , fun , light , funny For Kids Oboe , military band , flutes , acoustic piano

fallen soldier

Melancholic , sentimental , Patriotic , Proud For Film and TV Choir , strings , bass , piano , French horns, oboe

march on soldier

A civil war marching tune featuring piccolo, flute and many snares. The army marches to the battlefield, great for documentaries.March, Military, Civil War, Army, Snare, Trumpet, Brass, Field Drum, Piccolo, Flute

Liberty - Epic Uplifting Trailer

Epic uplifting, patriotic orchestral track with smooth strings and bold, bright horns. An emotional, respectful start builds into a glorious climax. Great for military scenes and trailers. Conveys pride and loyalty.

Earth - Epic Uplifting Trailer

An epic, uplifting hybrid orchestral track. It begins with ethereal, atmospheric synth sounds and emotive strings. Then huge dubstep beats, powerful, soaring horns and monumental choirs build to a massive, heroic climax. Conveys a sense of power, positivity and achievement.

My Soldiers My Sons

A rousing and inspirational piece featuring orchestra and pounding percussion, later joined by a choir. Always rising, striving for something bigger and better, this track depicts honor, glory, aspirations, achievements and reaching the pinnacle, the ultimate goals, for king and country, or for fami...

Nothing Is Impossible

This orchestral track illustrates determination and achievement. Perhaps coming together to join forces, or just overcoming the odds to reach a goal. Victorious and celebratory. Grows up from a somewhat meek beginning, to an all-out fanfare like, rousing finish.

Positive Orchestral Theme

An atmospheric,moody,spacious,thoughtful,emotive verse combines with an uplifting,positive & anthemic chorus section. Wistful,reflective,hopeful,passionate,powerful & melodic.would suit dramatic/cinematic/romantic type projects

Ponty Pilat Procurator

Perfect for intense psychological dramas, or spy vs spy drama action films. A modern combination of orchestra, percussion, synth and electric guitar.
Yann Keerim