Kevin Diego Palma-Gamboa

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Computer music maker. Inspired by retro and hip hop

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World Domination [Crazy Rockstar $uicide Boy$ Type Beat]

Composer: Kevin Palma Gamboa
Sup, back with another one! Please share/like if you like my beat (: Merch: Follow me: $10 PlayStation Store Gift Card [Digital Code] Ailun Screen Pro...

Drop In The Ocean And Do It

Composer: Kevin Palma Gamboa
Drop in the Ocean and Do It (Retro House Mix 120 BPM) Please support me by sharing with friends, thank you!! Follow Me:

God's Earthquake - Slap Bass Dank Rapcore Instrumental

Composer: Kevin D. Beats
Track #09 off the Born Prophecy album, this song is one of the greatest songs that will ever live due to the fact that it was blessed by God to be created by his loyal follower. This isn't even really a song, it's more like a portal to God's spirit and if you are a Christian reading this you shouldn...

Trompeton Extorcion

Composer: Kevin Palma Gamboa
This is what the listener can call it; I don't hold no marks. I made this on FL. Reggaeton Influenced Rapcore Rave Instrumental, instruments used: Kicks, Claps, Trap, Trombone, Trumpet, Distorted Guitar Riff

Gill Bass

Composer: Kevin Palma Gamboa
Album: National Chill Zone Track: 09 Year: 2015 Genre: Electronica, Synthwave, Hip Hop Quality: 2822 kbps WAV Label: Palma Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved. 2016 TAGS; YouTube Channels: Diversity Promotions, SwagyTracks, Promoting Sounds, Music Daily, FirstPeriodMusic, PhoenixTrap, xK...

I Shouldn't Rewind Time Anymore [Experimental Guitar Music]

Composer: Kevin Palma Gamboa
Artist: Galaxima Album: Up In Heaven's World Genre: IDM, Electronic rock, Trip hop Year: 2016 All Rights Reserved. Copyright and owned by me. Buy Merch: Follow me: ind...

True Hero Under God (T.H.U.G.) [Dark Acoustic Hip Hop]

Composer: Kevin Palma Gamboa
Artist: Galaxima Album: Up In Heaven's World [Track #09] Genre: Southern Hip Hop, Rap rock, Acoustic Quality: 1411 kbps [WAV file] All Rights Reserved, 2016. Coypright Palma Entertainment LLC. Buy Merch:

Princess Of Galaxima [Dream Pop Indie Rock]

Composer: Kevin Palma-Gamboa
This is a song about an Angel who controls a realm in Heaven/ I was inspired by the bassline beginning on A# and build it around there. I really liked working on this song, I mastered it with an EQ of simple high and low with pushed middle. Would love to hear some vocals over it, if interested em...

Neighbors Upstairs [Retro Funk Disco House]

Composer: Kevin Palma-Gamboa
Track #03 off "National Chill Zone" Property of Palma Entertainment LLC. 2016 All Rights Reserved. TAGS; Miami Horror type beat, Dance pop instrumentals, Friendly Fires type beat, Hey Champ, Au Mia, Mia, Chance the Rapper, Logic, Daft Punk, Pharell Williams, Paramore, Haley Williams, Fall Out Bo...

Global Warming Is A Hoax [Battle Rap Rock Beat]

Composer: Kevin Palma-Gamboa
Artist: Galaxima Year: 2016 Quality: WAV file 2115 kbps Genre: Hip Hop, Rap rock Buy Merch: Follow me: htt...

I Misplaced My Phone Charger [Dynamic Sax Indie Metal]

Composer: Kevin Palma-Gamboa
Artist: Galaxima Genre: Indie rock, alternative metal Year: 2015 [WAV file] All Rights Reserved. Copyright, 2016. HAVE a vocal cover/musical response? HMU or Submit your work to TAGS; YouTube channels: LostInScores, SpenceMillsMusic, Unusual Delicacy, IndieMusicNati...

Blazing Upon The Heavens [Spacious Synth Pop Beat]

Composer: Kevin Palma-Gamboa
Buy Merch: Follow me:

Missing You [Indie Rock Instrumental]

Composer: Kevin Palma-Gamboa
Track #2 to the Independent Learning album This is the instrumental version of "Missing You" which will be out on an album I will put out soon. TAGS; Bands: British Sea Power, Arctic Monkeys, The New Escape, Ride, Chapterhouse, My Bloody Va...

Crime in Tijuana

Composer: Kevin Palma-Gamboa
Midi pop - FL Studio - 6bit - Digital No Emotion Power Pop This needs a rapper and a good voice! I made this with Soundgoodizer, a Limiter, & Multi-band Compression. Much love to the growing fanbase ^_^ Copyright and owned by Galaxima/Palma Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Buy Merch: galaxim...

Walking Myths [Funk Guitar DnB Breakbeat]

Composer: Kevin Palma-Gamboa
Artist: Galaxima Album: Up In Heaven's World Track: #11 Genre: Drum and Bass, Breakbeat All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2016. Buy Merch: Follow me:

Your Next Level (New Age Contemporary)

Composer: Kevin Palma Gamboa
When you from outer space but you want to turn up. Artist: Galaxima Album: Your Next Level Genre: New Age...

You're My Hero

Composer: Kevin Palma Gamboa
'I stayed up all night and got paid for it'

Danish Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Trap Beat

Composer: Kevin Palma Gamboa
Perfect as background music for YouTube, videos, apps, websites, and more! You won't find another unique or quality track like this one! For just $30 you have unlimited royalty free use. Bonus: Nostalgic feel to the chords (:

I Killed a Bear Once [Midi Heavy Metal Track]

Composer: Kevin Palma-Gamboa
I Killed a Bear Once [Midi Heavy Metal Track] Perfect for video games, introduction music, boss levels, menu music For studying and comprehension or robotic use This sound doesn't contain lyrics, just virtual instruments!

Two Player Mode --- Robot Backing Beat

Composer: Kevin Palma-Gamboa
Robotic backing instrumental for video game levels, boss music, virtual reality, YouTube, basically any tech
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