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pride of the tribe

by Ionics
Heroic and powerful world music/movie score from the Middle East. Orchestrated with strings, kettle drums, percussions and ney flute. Perfect as a soundtrack for adventures and historically based movies.


by Ionics
Clear piano playing solo. An easy going harmony in a slow tempo. Suitable for dramatic melancholic scenes.

bandits passion

by Ionics
A very melodic tango with Spanish-Italian like influence. Featuring many acoustic instruments. Can be used in comedies and ironic scenes.

careless j walker

by Ionics
A fun and positive tune. Big beat accompanied by a cool piano solo. Bright and major. Very colorful.

body hopping

by Ionics
Positive and very groovy funk/electronic track with funky synth sounds, e-guitar, playful drum groove and nice harmonies. Summerly and modern. Perfect for fashion and lifestyle

leaving everything behind

by Ionics
A sad ballad with a Spanish taste. Touchy guitar solo and gentle piano fillings.

from sunlight to underground pt 1

by Ionics
This is the first part of a very complex modern classics composition. Violins and piano mixed with modern beats and electric guitar. Very evolving and changing tune. An explosion of moods.

from sunlight to underground pt 2

by Ionics
This is the second part of a very complex modern classics composition. Violins and piano mixed with modern beats and electric guitar. Very evolving and changing tune. An explosion of moods.


by Ionics
A very relaxed composition. Consists of strings rich pad, a flute, and small bells. Imagine beautiful green landscape around you with birds singing and the sun shining. Very bright and peaceful.

underwater party vrs 2 pt 2

by Ionics
A cool trance combining various music styles. consists of atmosphere guitar solo and acoustic drums. Catchy melody and dynamic leads.

bardello 1931

by Ionics
You're in a Dark cabaret full of smoke, snobby men and cheap women. The sloppy honky tonk piano will take you back to the 1930's. Life is a cabaret!

rock logo 1

by Ionics
Short rock logo music that can be used for intro or outro

jungle monster

by Ionics
The monster arrives. Uneven beat with interesting samples and funny synth sound as a lead. Accompanied by classical piano chords. An interesting and and experimental composition with a groovy beat.

Sports TV Swing

Positive-playful, lively swing track featuring a classic piano trio. Perfect as opener, e.g. for talk shows, or as film score for romantic comedies.

Remember the Time

Remember the time: Positive, very groovy smooth jazz track featuring a virtuoso-playful solo piano, a funky acoustic guitar, Hammond and a relaxed beat.

Romantic Piano

Romantic Piano: A solo piano as underscore for a dreamy winter day.

the piano of my dreams

The Piano of my dreams: Beautiful, romantic, positive solo piano piece with some slightly contemplative moments featuring a playful and dreamy melody. Perfect as film score!

just 2 far from home

Just 2 far from home: Lively, motivating pop/rock track with a playful hammond organ, guitars and rhythm section. Powerful and positive. Perfect as an opener or intro.

beam my piano up

Very groovy, positive-motivating smooth jazz track featuring a very catchy, playful piano theme, Rhodes, guitar, bass and drums, Reminds of themes of American TV series of the 80s

lovely piano tune

Lovely Piano Tune: Easy-going, playful and dreamy piano solo piece, which conveys a feeling of romanticism and security.

latin dance factory

Latin Dance Factory: Positively motivating Latin- Dance track with driving beat, typical salsa piano motive and fiery percussion and rhythm section. Summer, sun, beach. Party mood!
Yann Keerim