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jordan holy water

by Ionics
A spiritual tune. The Magical harp and the flute theme will take you to your private church. This track tells a story of a sacred place. Very gentle and calm composition.

the way home

by Ionics
A very melodic tune with great middle eastern tempo and pleasant strings with a very touchy guitar solo. Imagine a sweet memory that will make your eyes wet and your mind drifting.

the touch of god

by Ionics
A Church Choir singing an epic harmony. Very relaxing and religious-like composition. The exact track for those little moment of grace when you can see heaven.

big expectations

by Ionics
This is the music of anticipation and longing. The track is romantic and nostalgic alltogether. Featuring an acoustic guitar and percussion. Great for film and documentaries.

my quiet war 4min vrs

by Ionics
A sad and moving composition. Very touching guitar and violin theme. This Spanish-like track will make you feel something. Perfect for theme music for intro or outro of a feature.

starting my day

by Ionics
A pleasant and relaxing tune. You can smell the cup of coffee and there is a feeling in the air that it's gonna be a wonderful day. The composition consists of a optimistic piano and an overwhelming acoustic guitar, playing a positive melody.

like a thief in the night

by Ionics
Great short intro for comedies. Vary spacious and rhythmic theme; fun and memorable. Excellent for transitions from one mood to another.

the letter

by Ionics
A sad and slow ambient composition. includes percussion, acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Perfect for dark middle-eastern landscapes. Imagine yourself receiving bad news from a family member and taking a trip back to the middle east.

cool down

by Ionics
A cool downtempo electro-grime tune. Big beat with fat and dirty bass theme and atmospheric effects. Suitable for crime scenes

mr furio

by Ionics
A full orchestra composition. Concerto for Piano. A very powerful tune with fat chords and serous mood.

cup of coffee

by Ionics
A slow bossanova track. Featuring piano and classic guitar. The kind of music you might hear sipping your coffee in a cool café on a bright day.


by Ionics
Big beats and dirty electric guitars with distortion. Suitable for spy movies, investigations, action and tension.


by Ionics
A cool and mysterious theme. Sounds like and investigation in a comedy. Featuring a double bass line and a jazzy organ. Suitable for sneaking scenes.

the pride of don pedro

by Ionics
A flamenco piece. Starts with a mellow guitar solo. An acoustic recording with real castanets player and clapping.

dancing with my shaddow

by Ionics
Fairy tale-like classic tune. Magical bells, rich pizzicato strings and a piano are playing an enchanting theme. Suitable for drama and fairy tales.

sky walking - french version

by Ionics
A cool house track. Very fashion TV like. Deep Bass and worm Rhodes chords. The kind of music that makes you wanna take a stroll on a cat walk. Very glamorous.

warewolf hunting

by Ionics
Exciting, menacing-mysterious score track full of action featuring a remarkable bass groove, house beat, dramatic strings, distorted guitars, piano and synthesizers

the hope within your heart

by Ionics
This is a mellow grand piano tune. The semi minor harmony of the chords will give you the feeling of a change that's coming. A hope for a better future. Perfect for you dramatic scenes.

the waiting

by Ionics
This is a nice Dub track with Hawaiian floating guitar chords. Describes these moments when you are bored, don't know what to do and find yourself alone between 4 empty walls.

abandoned spaceship

by Ionics
Dark-space atmosphere. Big distant drums combined with atmospheric morphing strings. You will get a feeling of emptiness. This is how it feels to be left alone in cold space on a huge spaceship.

underwater party

by Ionics
A cool trance combining various music styles. consists of atmosphere guitar solo and acoustic drums. Catchy melody and dynamic leads.
Yann Keerim