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smiling in the snow

by Ionics
Marry Christmas! The perfect tune for the best holiday of the year. Very positive and magical. You can feel the spirit of Christmas piano, rhodes, glock, drums, bass, strings, santa, motivational,positive,magical,holiday,Christmas,snow,winter,new year,corporate,warm,soft,easy listening,Hollywood,fil...

crash landing

by Ionics
This one is fast and biting! Rough synths and loud drums - this piece is pure action; suitable for computer games and fight scenes. If you want some blood pressure rising, give it a try. Synth, drums Hollywood,film,tv,computer game,presentation,web site,underscore,background music,cinematic,credits,...

we can do it together

by Ionics
It's time to change things around. This music will give you the motivation and the will to start over and build something. Perfect for Corporate videos. piano, bass, beat, synth, pad, electric guitar hi-tech, corporate, motivational, easy listening, positive, energetic, dynamic, lounge, modern, docu...

strange deja vu

by Ionics
A bit nostalgic and melancholic. A very melodic piano piece. Accompanied by a modern beat, the piano swirls in an enchanted harmony. drums, piano, synth dramatic, nostalgic, sad, beautiful, mournful, sad, blue, classical, piano, classic, romantic, love, memories, déjà vu, moody, blue, Hollywood,f...

dark force rising - no drums

by Ionics
A cinematic intense piece. Very dramatic, exciting and disturbing. Thrilling and epic. Powerful strings and vast sounding trombones. The perfect soundtrack for your extraordinary movie trailer! strings, brass, percussion, cinematic, trailer, movie, action, thriller, scary, exciting, horror, disaste...


Quintessential underground or alternative hip hop a la Jedi Mind Tricks. A vinyl-style, sampled beat with 1940s film score-style strings and electric piano supports a dark, atmospheric mood with a slightly jazzy and hopeful feel. Ideal for urban environments. instrumental, vintage, electric piano Hi...

winters night

A short, wintery cue with filtered drums, bells, cathedral piano and orchestral strings. Calls to mind a light snowstorm and the changing of the seasons. instrumental, strings, piano, bells, subtle Orchestral Underscore

fusion master

Drawing on classic sounds from the 80s and early 90s, this funky track is inspired by Michael Jackson and Sonic the Hedgehog. A very memorable melody! instrumental, electric piano, synth solo Electronic Funk

dark drifting

Zoned-out, spacious downtempo electronica in the vein of Massive Attack, Zero 7, Moby and the Matrix soundtrack. Crunchy, filtered beats lay the groundwork for the dark, misty synth texture. instrumental, dark, atmospheric, big beat Electronic Downtempo

operative pressure

Top-secret underscore for the perfect heist. Imagine a group of high-tech thieves plotting a careful infiltration. Low-key acoustic and electronic sounds set the stage. instrumental, orchestral, subtle Electronic Underscore

over easy

A unique fusion of acoustic and electronic instruments a la Massive Attack and Thievery Corporation. This atmospheric, contemplative downtempo piece keeps a steady rhythm while switching between organic and synthetic elements. instrumental, breakbeat, atmospheric, piano, processed Electronic Downtem...

dimensional jazz

Synth / keyboard jazz with a light, upbeat groove. The chords and sounds are somewhat atmospheric and spacey, giving the impression of futurism, technology and science. instrumental, driving, electric piano, busy Electronic Jazz

ladder to the sky

An inspiring and uplifting melody with a contemplative mood is driven by powerful breakbeats and synths mixed with organic elements like acoustic guitar and piano. instrumental, breakbeat, progressive, acoustic guitar, contemplative, piano Electronic Dance

just hold on (feat jillian aversa)

Medium tempo vocal trance with a very organic soundscape combined with synthetic sounds. The multi-layered chorus is preceded by unique glitching and stuttering vocal FX. vocal, trance, club, processed, atmospheric Electronic Dance


Enter the realm of the microscopic. Includes a chippy, driving triplet beat with retro synths and a swelling, dynamic progression! Great for anything involving science and technology. instrumental, retro, chiptune, triplet, video game Electronic Video Game


You rule the streets! Gigantic, old-school beats, synths and horns with an edgy, confident mood. Picture a posse of tough guys who know they're just that cool. instrumental, big beat, old school, strings, trumpet Electronic Dance


Upbeat, driving breaks/big beat in the vein of Moby, Fatboy Slim and the Chemical Brothers. Funky EPs, huge bass, massive beats and synth solos add up to a lot of fun. instrumental, big beat, processed, cool, confident, sax, piano Electronic Dance

breathing you in (feat jillian goldin)

Powerful vocal trance with a massive hook, thunderous breakbeat percussion, atmospheric pads, huge breakdowns and assorted acoustic-organic instruments. vocal, trance, ethnic, breakbeat, epic Electronic Dance

studio 54

Airy, moody downtempo / breakbeat in 5/4 with a dark secret lurking throughout. Reality-warping breakdowns and a melancholy piano are the highlight elements. instrumental, dark, chaotic, 5/4, strings, piano Electronic Downtempo


Synth-funk with a driving, high-energy beat, jazzy chords, piano and synth solos and lots of modulation. An exciting blend of electronic beats with more advanced harmonies and progressions. instrumental, jazzy, electric piano, strings, disco Electronic Funk

black hole

Dark, ominous and atmospheric; this ambient composition can underscore any tense, brooding or dramatic scene that calls for a more subtle musical approach. instrumental, atmospheric, dark, droning Electronic Ambient
Yann Keerim