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Dramatic Violins and Cello

by Aquilo
A dramatic track with two spiccato violins and a tremolo cello creates a raw, dramatic and somewhat aggressive mood fitting for a car commercial or similar type of advertising. The sound is a bit gritty and dirty, especially for a string trio.

Happy Banjo Theme

"Happy Banjo Theme' is a short country western uplifting tune with a great country banjo,mandolin and ukelele Chaps thats ideal for any cartoon ,Kids,comedy or holiday video project. 2 Versions available : * Happy Banjo Theme Full Arranged * Happy Banjo Theme Banjo Only"


An upbeat acoustic instrumental piece ideal for corporate videos with an uplifting or motivational message. Starting with a strumming acoustic guitar, the track builds through the addition of drums and electric guitar to a rousing and positive-sounding finale.


Gentle finger picking acoustic guitar providing a melancholy atmosphere


A rough and ready bit of country-style acoustic guitar, conveying an upbeat and slightly off-the-wall atmosphere.


A happy but gentle blast of chiming acoustic guitars, creating a relaxed, friendly and motivational atmosphere.

Island Rain Shower

A mellow and uplifting track that opens with a swirling synth loop and Polynesian percussion, followed by dubby bass, acoustic guitar strums, vibes, and piano. It’s good for travel programs, documentaries, or any scenes needing music with a positive, peaceful and exotic feel.

Blame the Nut

Playful staccato string track with great comedic potential. Would go well with a comedy sketch, cartoon or silly character playing a prank or puppies playing.

Smell the News

Imagine riding in a Porsche convertible down the Pacific Coastal Highway. This track would be playing while the wind blew across your hair. Upbeat feel-good indie rock track with jangly pristine guitars and powerful backbeat. Works well with fun and exciting reality TV, hip fashion clothing line.


Dramatic sorrowful track with a huge string section and dynamic, minimal percussion. Would go well in an indie film drama, war movie or a medieval period piece.

Taco Thrower

Silly orchestral track that includes dynamic marimba, percussion and double bass. Would go great as a backing track to puppies playing, cartoons, a reality television show, the list goes on..

Multiple Maps

Emotional dream-like track with orchestral strings and glass synthesizers, building up to a driving electronic crescendo. Beautiful and delicate, it would fit perfectly as a soundtrack to a Google or Apple commercial.

Tell You

A suspenseful orchestral march with rich strings and driving percussion. Would be perfect for marching into battle scenes or introducing a vindictive character.

Texas Toast Ranger

Fun and bouncy analog electronic synth dance track. Would be a great accompaniment to an urban or modern subculture-related show or advertising.


Happy and bouncy electronic pop track reminiscent of indie/electro/chillwave. Would work really well for anything that needs a hip, modern edge.

Not Enough to Get There

Fun and energetic indie track with colorful guitar riffs and hand clap-driven backbeat. Perfect for a hip new product or to enhance that road trip montage!

In a Dream

Reflective and dramatic, yet upbeat and intense, this track would be great for anything from an indie drama montage to an Apple commercial. A mixture of My Bloody Valentine, the Cure and MGMT.

Darkness Cannot Follow

Dark, ominous beautiful and explosive: this track has everything you would need for a epic movie trailer about war, horror, evil or even an indie drama. It begins with thumping percussion that resembles a heartbeat with legato strings and triumphantly builds up and ends with a THUNDEROUS crescendo.

Follow Your Way

THUNDEROUS tribal orchestral track that builds up to an intense ending. Would go great in any high stress thriller situation: chase scenes, doom, explosions, you name it!!
Yann Keerim