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full frenzy

Frenzied, adrenaline inducing, frantic soundtrack with a maniacal repetitive pattern thatcreates an atmosphere of rapid, chaotic and disordered, nervous activity. Createsan intense and excited, hyperactive mood good for crazed bizarre behavior.

clear sailing

A mid-tempo, relaxing, open and airy soundtrack that is ideal forevoking a serene, peaceful atmosphere. With rising and falling piano arpeggios,high strings that ebb and flow, acoustic guitar, bass and drums.

weekend warrior

Mid-tempo, riff based, seventies roadhouse track with an infectious and fun, party timevibe. With funky clavinet, rocking electric and bluesy slide guitars, piano, bass, drumsand cowbell. Good for road trips, off road sequences, barroom scenes and more.

daytime drama tv

A solo piano plays a simple and sparse, heartfelt chord progression accompanied by lushtremolo strings, evoking a sensitive, tender romantic mood. An emotive, short segue cue thatis useful for those 'end of episode' or 'to be continued' scenarios.

desert planet journey

An upbeat, open and spacious, driving soundtrack with an ambient piano melodyplayed over a steady hypnotic rhythmic backdrop. With layered electric guitars, pulsatingsynth lines, sweeping electronic effects, grooving drums and syncopated percussion.

spy fi

Secret agent inspired track with a fun and exciting retro vibe. Cool, groovy and sleek,with an espionage mood of mystery and intrigue. Slowly ramps up to a big andintense, James Bond, 007 guitar and brass chorus. Good for spy themed media projects.

ocean boulevard

An upbeat, funky blues-rock track with a lively, infectious groove that oozes a coolretro vibe. With gritty guitars, bluesy piano riffs, hot organ licks, melodic bass anddrums. Great for heist movies, crime shows, action thriller dramas and more.

neutral ground

A smooth and steady, easy going pop-rock track. Simple, unobtrusive, emotionally neutral vibethat will work well under dialogue for scenes depicting contentment and an 'everythingis alright' feeling. With guitars, synth pads, bass and a hypnotic groove.

sitcom style

An upbeat, light and friendly segue cue that is useful for those 'end of episode'or 'to be continued' scenarios. Easy-going vibe with a jangly electric guitar playing a simple,melodious tune over a rhythmic bed of piano, strings, bass and drums.

against the clock

Time is running out and the pressure is on to get it done inthis electrifying soundtrack that is full of adrenaline and energy. Driving strings, swelling brass,drums, percussion and SFX create a building rush of extreme urgency.

at ease

A smooth and steady, easygoing, acoustic guitar driven instrumental with a distinctivekeyboard sound playing the melody. An upbeat, friendly vibe that is righton target for romantic comedies, sitcoms, commercials or any feelgood media project.

uncertain outcome

An ominous low drone gives way to brooding dark string chords that slowly ascendand then dissolve into a questioning vocal phrase, evoking a feeling of unresolved mystery.An eerie and foreboding vibe that is dead-on for crime dramas and sci-fi.
Yann Keerim