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Corporate Living

This is an inspirational and motivating corporate music composition with hopeful lighthearted piano parts, orchestral staccato strings, upbeat contemporary drum beats and percussion instruments. Best for corporate videos, business projects, social media, websites, TV commercials and other audiovisua...

Happy Feeling

Corporate Business Track that brings positive emotions. Uplifting piano parts and moving drumloop drive to success.


This is a corporate music track, with funky guitars and mellow Rhodes Piano. Best suited as a soundtrack for business websites and promotional videos.

Feel My Heart Beating

Emotional and thoughtful track which evokes many feelings, like melancholy, reminiscence, passion, but at the same time determination and self-confidence. Cinematic track with piano, cello and contemporary drum beats/percussion sounds. Great for films, TV, documentaries, commercials and more.


A Joyful Composition with a smooth and mellow feel. Soundtrack for the happiest moments of life…

Successful Deal

This is a motivational track with a happy mood and vibe. Smooth pad accompanied with piano, drumbeat and mellow flute melodies. Great composition for successful websites and videos.

Wondrous World

Inspiring, imaginative and reflective music track with a dreamy touch. Emotional and creative composition with a sense of wonder and yearning. Peaceful, soft and calm music that is perfect as a background music for films, trailers, documentaries and much more. Thoughtful music that creates a majesti...

Heartfelt Piano Theme

Gentle, peaceful and emotional solo piano piece with a positive dreamy melancholic feel. Great for films, romance videos, documentaries and more.

Inspirational Elevation

Positive, motivating and uplifting music track with beautiful melodic lines and harmonies featuring piano, emotional orchestral strings, glockenspiel, drums and bass. Composition starts with a simple and peaceful piano melody accompanied by legato strings and builds up to an inspiring main part with...

Happy Drive

Energetic and Happy rock track featuring driving guitars, upbeat drums and solid bass. Joyful and motivating composition great for commercials, new product promo videos, TV and radio, films, YouTube videos and much more. Cheerful, sunny and bright track perfect as a background music for your success...

The First Noel

A dreamy and warm rendition of a holiday/Christmas classic.

Silent Night

A dreamy and warm rendition of a holiday/Christmas classic.

Jingle Bells

A dreamy and warm rendition of a holiday/Christmas classic.

Old Lang Syne

A dreamy and warm rendition of a holiday/Christmas classic.
Yann Keerim