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Hopes and Dreams

This is a hopeful and motivating corporate music track. Rhodes piano and grand piano sound accompanied by staccato orchestral strings. Great soundtrack for commercials, broadcast production, and corporate projects/websites.


Happy, Uplifting and Catchy Acoustic Pop Track. Suitable for TV, Teenage Films, Commercials, and Corporate Websites. Positive and Exciting Jingle with acoustic guitar rhythm accompanied by uptempo drums gives the listener a feeling of success, inspiration, motivation and freedom.

Epic Soundtrack

This is a cinematic composition with an epic vibe. stunning cello melodies accompanied by piano parts, choir sounds bring the true dramatic emotions. great as a film soundtrack, inspirational track. orchestral string sections from the middle of the track bring a lot of tension.

Cinematic Soundtrack

This is a mellow cinematic track with layered guitar parts accompanied by live Cello sound. Will fit best as a soundtrack for films and videos.

Hopeful Jingle

This is a Hopeful and Optimistic Corporate Music track, with catchy melody, Upbeat uptempo drums, uplifting and inspiring feel, great soundtrack for tv, news, sports, travel, and business projects. Beautiful Day, Sun is shining and success is coming your way.

Walking Through Time

Cinematic Composition with a slightly dark and moody feel. Walking through the time and space of the abstract reality.

Peace and Romance

This is a composition for film soundtracks,orchestral track celebrating the glory of love and romance. Charming Music with a Hopeful and Uplifting Melody that captivates listener's heartbeat.

Fight - Battle Scene

This is a film music soundtrack for Fight, Combat and Battle Scenes, also great for Car chase scene, race and etc. Dramatic and Tense cinematic track with building tension, orchestral arrangement, epic composition.

Rock With Me

This is a corporate rock track that has a strong, energetic vibe. Distorted guitars and powerful drumbeats make it sound just perfect for your corporate websites and videos.


Inspirational Orchestral Track with a Dramatic Action Vibe. Sensational Composition with a lot of energy and tension.

City at Midnight

Ambient track with mellow pads, synths and e-piano. A feeling of a drive in a city at night.


Motivational composition that brings excitement to the listener. Soundtrack for TV News, Corporate travel advertisement, Sports Trailer. Lead synth sound accompanied by uplifting and upbeat drums, light and sunny piano and orchestral strings.

Light and Sexy

This is a corporate business track with an ambient feel. mellow piano parts and smooth pad, accompanied by solo sax brings emotional and passionate vibe to the listener. great for tv themes and radio broadcasting.


This is a catchy corporate track. Positive and motivating soundtrack for your successful business projects. Upbeat Drums and Rhythmic Funky Guitars with a fashionable vibe and feel, Sax solo gives it a perfect ending.


This is a dramatic composition with the tension building up from the start. Fast moving string sections give the feeling of agitation which electrifies the listener.


This track is a very moving pop/rock composition, with spiccato strings playing the melody and acoustic guitar rhythmic accompaniment, it's the track you will want to have for your fabulous websites and videos.

Midnight Lounge

This is a light and sexy R&B theme that's great for your projects and tv themes. Mellow guitar sound and soloing accompanied by shaker sound and drumloop.


Positive business/corporate track that has an uplift vibe and gives a feeling of accomplishment and success�


Lonely and Sad Melodies that are very emotional. A walk in a city at night all alone. The track is a nice combination of electric piano, synths, electronic drums and strings.


Ballad-Type Acoustic Guitar Rhythm accompanied with cellos and percussion.

Piano Motif

Piano Improvisation with a romantic vibe. Cinematic track that drives a lot of emotions to the listener.
Yann Keerim