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Funky Groove

Catchy and groovy Funk music track featuring electric guitars with various effects including wah-wah and phaser, turntable scratch effects, playful bass and energetic drums. Modern sounding music track in the style of DNCE, Daft Punk and Pharell, etc.

Smooth Action (groove) 16bit

Chill and smooth jazzy track with jazz guitar and pianos. Relaxing , groovy , acid and sexy.. available in 3 eddits Smooth Action (main) Smooth Action (essential) Smooth action (looped groove)

Corporatology (looped groove)

Inspirational, positive corporate track with smooth changes and nice groove... available in 3 edits: Corporatology (main) 3:22 Corporatology (lite) 2:34 Corporatology (looped groove) 2:17

Ukulele Childrens Party (looped groove)

Positive acoustic groove with ukulele and acoustic instruments, happy and lively... available in 4 edits Ukulele Childrens Party (Main) 2:18 Ukulele Childrens Party (packed) 1:50 Ukulele Childrens Party (essential) 1:22 Ukulele Childrens Party (looped groove) 0:56

Funky Bed (looped groove) 16bit

Upbeat positive funky track with powerful groove, Available in 4 edits: Funky Bed (main) 2:29 Funky Bed (packed) 1:47 Funky Bed (essential) 0:56 Funky Bed (looped groove) 1:33

Bestmatch Corporate (looped groove) 16bit

Positive and uplifting corporate track with powerful groove.. available in these 5 edits Bestmatch Corporate (main 2:38) Bestmatch Corporate (extended 3:09) Bestmatch Corporate (essential 2:04) Bestmatch Corporate ( looped groove 2:14) Bestmatch Corporate (stinger 0:46)

B2B Corporate (looped main groove 1;17) 16bit

Uplifting and inspirational track with nice upbeat easy listening dance groove, piano riffs and urban sound... available in 5 edits: B2B Corporate (main 2:23) B2B Corporate (packed 1:45) B2B Corporate (essential 1:00) B2B Corporate (looped main groove 1:17) B2B Corporate (stinger 0:28)

Skinny Jeans Funk ( looped groove 0:51)

Upbeat positive, funky and jazzy track with lively groove and feel, Available in 4 edits: Skinny Jeans Funk ( main 2:11) Skinny Jeans Funk ( packed 1:42) Skinny Jeans Funk ( essential 0:58) Skinny Jeans Funk ( looped groove 0:51)

Ukulele Showcase Corporate (looped groove 1:17)

Acoustic, positive and corporate track with ukulele lead and upbeat inspirational mood, some guys whistling :) in a happy fashion, instruments played and recorded acoustically Available in 4 edits: Ukulele Showcase Corporate (main 1:55) Ukulele Showcase Corporate (packed 1:23) Ukulele Showc...

Ukulele FiveNines Corporate (looped main groove 1:22)

Ukulele,acoustic guitars and piano, nice corporate groove with acoustic feel, happy and cheerful, lively and positive Available in 5 edits Ukulele FiveNines Corporate (main 2:48) Ukulele FiveNines Corporate (Packed 2:12) Ukulele FiveNines Corporate (essential 1:36) Ukulele FiveNines Corporate (...
Yann Keerim