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Corporatology (looped groove)

Inspirational, positive corporate track with smooth changes and nice groove... available in 3 edits: Corporatology (main) 3:22 Corporatology (lite) 2:34 Corporatology (looped groove) 2:17

Ukulele Childrens Party (looped groove)

Positive acoustic groove with ukulele and acoustic instruments, happy and lively... available in 4 edits Ukulele Childrens Party (Main) 2:18 Ukulele Childrens Party (packed) 1:50 Ukulele Childrens Party (essential) 1:22 Ukulele Childrens Party (looped groove) 0:56

Funky Bed (looped groove) 16bit

Upbeat positive funky track with powerful groove, Available in 4 edits: Funky Bed (main) 2:29 Funky Bed (packed) 1:47 Funky Bed (essential) 0:56 Funky Bed (looped groove) 1:33

Bestmatch Corporate (looped groove) 16bit

Positive and uplifting corporate track with powerful groove.. available in these 5 edits Bestmatch Corporate (main 2:38) Bestmatch Corporate (extended 3:09) Bestmatch Corporate (essential 2:04) Bestmatch Corporate ( looped groove 2:14) Bestmatch Corporate (stinger 0:46)

B2B Corporate (looped main groove 1;17) 16bit

Uplifting and inspirational track with nice upbeat easy listening dance groove, piano riffs and urban sound... available in 5 edits: B2B Corporate (main 2:23) B2B Corporate (packed 1:45) B2B Corporate (essential 1:00) B2B Corporate (looped main groove 1:17) B2B Corporate (stinger 0:28)

Skinny Jeans Funk ( looped groove 0:51)

Upbeat positive, funky and jazzy track with lively groove and feel, Available in 4 edits: Skinny Jeans Funk ( main 2:11) Skinny Jeans Funk ( packed 1:42) Skinny Jeans Funk ( essential 0:58) Skinny Jeans Funk ( looped groove 0:51)

Ukulele Showcase Corporate (looped groove 1:17)

Acoustic, positive and corporate track with ukulele lead and upbeat inspirational mood, some guys whistling :) in a happy fashion, instruments played and recorded acoustically Available in 4 edits: Ukulele Showcase Corporate (main 1:55) Ukulele Showcase Corporate (packed 1:23) Ukulele Showc...

Ukulele FiveNines Corporate (looped main groove 1:22)

Ukulele,acoustic guitars and piano, nice corporate groove with acoustic feel, happy and cheerful, lively and positive Available in 5 edits Ukulele FiveNines Corporate (main 2:48) Ukulele FiveNines Corporate (Packed 2:12) Ukulele FiveNines Corporate (essential 1:36) Ukulele FiveNines Corporate (...

Mindshare Corporate (looped main groove 1:05)

Corporate inspirational track with nice groove and piano motif, acoustic feel, positive and uplifting available in these 5 edits Mindshare Corporate (main 1:50) Mindshare Corporate (extended 2:22) Mindshare Corporate (essential 1:05) Mindshare Corporate (looped main groove 1:05) Mindshare C...

Diversity Corporate (main groove loop 1:08)

Corporate upbeat and positive with nice acoustic groove and piano motif, available in 5 edits: Diversity Corporate (main 2:28) Diversity Corporate (packed 1:55) Diversity Corporate (essential 1:38) Diversity Corporate (main groove loop 1:08) Diversity Corporate (stinger 0:45)
Yann Keerim