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This cinematic soundtrack takes the listener on a transforming epic journey. It starts quietly with a reflective piano theme that evokes a sad, tender mood. The music then builds to an exciting orchestral piece that escalates to an inspiring big finish.

Mood Shift

Strange and mysterious, this suspenseful hybrid electronic/orchestral soundtrack evokes an edgy, tension filled atmosphere. Starts out with a haunting piano melody over a hypnotic pulsing groove that grows with intensity escalating to a big, explosive cli

Waiting Game

Dark and mysterious, this suspenseful rock/orchestral soundtrack evokes an edgy, tension filled atmosphere. Starts out with a haunting piano melody over a hypnotic pulsing groove that grows with intensity and escalates to a big, explosive climatic ending.

Night Shade

This dark and mysterious, brooding soundtrack has an undercurrent of tension and suspense that slowly evolves as it progresses. Evokes an uncanny feeling of weirdness. Featuring a funky, atmospheric wah-wah electric guitar groove, subtle morphing string p


Meditate, Relaxing, Calming, Cleansing, Soothing, Ambient, Slowly, Moves, Relaxing, Flowing, Soundscapes, Relaxation, Meditation, Nature, Peaceful, Footage,Atmospheric, Backround, Pieceful, Melodies, Documentaries, Piano, New, Age, Calm, Inspiration, Spiritual, Atmosphere, Relax, Meditate, Heal, Yog...

black hole sun

Ambience Ambient Background Drama dramatic dream Echoeing Echoes Etherial Etherial Etherial Enigma Evolving Expectation Fantasia Fantasy Feelings film film music filmgame Filmscore filmscoring Inspiration Inspire Investigate Investigation Investigative Journey jazz jazzy submarine chase Meditate m...


Atmospheric breakbeat with big, airy pads and trance synth lines creating the sense of huge, open space. Sci-fi vocal samples and effects add futuristic note to the track which is driven by energetic rhythm section and groovey percussion. Suitable for TV and video work, or playing in clubs and parti...


Hi-energy, aggressive, fast, raw power guitar track with pounding rhythm section. Strings and melodic guitar line in the middle part create epic feeling and keep the tension, and vocoder lick in the breaks is added for even more drama. Suitable for sport and other video work where speed, strenght an...

Gates of Triumph

Epic, orchestral piece with powerful guitar riffs and and deep, earth-moving percussion. The feeling of victory after the long battle and deserved triumph is increased by use of string section and epic horn solo. Intended for use with sport videos and trailers, commercials and video games.

Disco Pimp

Groovey disco-house track with strong funk influences. Filtered strings and horns add the unmistakeable feel from classic disco days to modern, up-to-date production and energetic groove. Great for playing at parties and in clubs, as well as for using in TV and advertising work.

Good King Wenceslas

An uplifting, bright and cheery instrumental arrangement of a timeless holiday classic that fuses contemporary hip-hop beats with traditional orchestral sounds. Full of fun, this festive Christmas carol captures the joy and spirit of the Yuletide season.
Yann Keerim