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Simple and Bright Advertising (Loop 02)

This is a loop version of a joyful, elegant and motivating music track featuring piano, orchestral strings, glockenspiel, percussion, bass and brush drums. Fresh and shiny composition perfect for commercials, YouTube videos, corporate and business projects, promos and presentations. Catchy and cute ...

Dramatic Epic Trailer Music (Intense Cinematic Uplifting)

Begins with hollywood-styled sad female choral voice. Many sound fx and trailer horn impact similar to inception's trailer song. Epicness meets with sadness. Very intense and heavy. Choir, strings and drum machines. Uplifting structure, professional synths. Ideal for Cinematic Epic Movie Trailers. I...

Epic Trailer Music (Cinematic Dark Uplifting)

An intense orchestral action trailer song with epic choir and strings. Dubstep sweep transitions and electronic fx sounds. Good mixed professional orchestration. Ideal for epic movie trailers, cinematic action scenes, video games and documantaries. Instrumental, Action Music, Action Intense Orchest...

Uplifting Horror Trailer Music ( Epic Action Drums)

An uplifting scary trailer song for horror trailers. It has feeling of mystery and suspense. Very aggresive epic drums getting even harder at the end. Hits the notes like crazy. Gets faster and speedy. Dynamic tempo controls anger and leads till the powerful end.

Dramatic Epic Choral Action (Uplifting Trailer Music)

A Cinematic Intense Epic Trailer Music with choir, brass, strings, dramatic female voice and heaavy drums. Modern theatrical rhytmic structure. Glorifying and Heroic. Ideal for epic movie trailers, documentaries, tv shows or video games. Instrumental, Action Music, Action Intense Orchestral

Streets Of Middle East (Ethnic Action Music)

An ethnic action song for especially street chasing and fast moving scenes. It has oud and flute as ethnic instruments. It rises from starting and oud comes in. Chasing takes a break for hiding right middle of the song. Flute and oud comes together carrying to the final with hollywood-styled drums

Cinematic Movie Trailer (Epic Hybrid Action)

Begins with a reverbed vocal scream, while explosive impacts are dropping bass until glissandi brass comes in and takes the song to yet another level. Epic trailer track with a slowed down tempo at the end. Mind blowing effects, adventurous. Conveys a feeling of glory, victory, courage and bravery. ...

Climatic Uplifting Action (Epic Chasing Score)

An ethnic action trailer song with orchestral instruments such as enigma flute, brass, strings, harp, guitar, bass, duduk and even obua. It start with glissandi brass and obua harmony to rise up the guitar part until giving the harp and duduk a break at middle of the song.And then staccato strings...

Dramatic Film Strings (Cinematic Movie Soundtrack)

Very soft long chord strings for dramatic scenes. Track conveys a sad feeling of being lost. Dynamic volume and tempo add to this dramatic effect. Very calm strings, combined with emotional and touching background choral vocals.Ideal for ending credits Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Sad Music

Dramatic Epic Action (Ethnic Middle Eastern)

An ethnic trailer track with oud, Bulgarian vocals, brass, epic horns and short staccato strings. It has an atmosphere like traveling in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Conveys anger and strength. Powerful and proud, but also has a touch of sadness, depression, and struggle. Instrumental, Middle...

Al Andalus (Dramatic Glorious Soundtrack)

Spanish ethnic music with orchestral instruments such as flute, brass, epic horns, bass, impact, timpani, violin and strings. It's uplifting from the beginning till the end with spiccato flute. I'm inspired by Speedy Gonzales, the cartoon character. You'll feel the glory. Instrumental, Latin Music,...

Emotional & Sad Piano (Background Instrumental Music)

Deliberately slowly paced and sad instrumental with piano, strings, drumbeats, and background choir. Conveys feelings of sadness, loss, hurt, grief, love, death and sorrow. Ends with a solo piano performance. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Sad Music

Classy & Elegant (Corporate Music)

A guitar song for advertising products. It has 2 guitars, electro and acoustic. Battery drums and staccato strings helping it. Very stable and looped. Can be used for car commercials or advertising hi-tech products. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Rock Music Guitar Lead

Choral Dramatic Uplifting Action (Epic Movie Trailer)

Epic trailer track with many orchestral instruments such as ethnic voice, brass, strings, flute and heavy drums, mixed with electronic synths. Epic staccato choir at the end, increases in loudness and intensity. Brings you the feeling of victory, glory and bravery in battle and in life.Cinematic Act...

Optimistic & Positive (Happy Corporate Music)

Corporate acoustic pop music track with human whistle sound and acoustic guitars. Drums and claps in a good mood, everything is happy and upbeat. Imaging music, upbeat. Ideal for conveying success, launching new hi tech products, corporate presentations. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Acou...

Xtra-Suspicious (Hiphop Rap Beat)

Unusual and aggressive track, with a medium beat containing punchy kicks and electronic choral melodic verses. Voice effects and more. Booming low frequencies. Very youthful sound, ideal for urban crime stories, drugs and debauchery, parties at home, double crosses in the street. Instrumental, Hip H...

Tenebris Imperium (Dramatic Epic Dark Soundtrack)

Epic and rousing instrumental track, conveys the sense of carrying in the midst of battle to glory and victory. Mainly orchestral - the instruments are stac strings, flute, and drums, with a touch of adventurous male choral vocals for extra emphasis. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Regal Music

Uplifting Choral Movie Trailer (Heroic Epic Glorifying)

Intense movie trailer track with staccato viola strings ensemble. Builds to an epic ending with brass, choir and drums. Melodic, heroic, cinematic trailer track, conveys heroism, heroic acts, and adventure. Ideally suited for historical stories, such as pirates, and more contemporary projects. Instr...

End Credist (Dramatic Film Strings)

Track suitable for end credits or dramatic scenes in movies and television shows. Orchestral strings, ensemble and choir. Slow and atmospheric, moving, intelligent and emotional. Deep introspection, the beginning of an adventure. Great for pivotal plot points in storyline. Instrumental, Dramatic Mus...

Cant Let You Go

A Fun But Powerful and exciting dance track that will sizzle in a club or party/dance clip. Also a fun track for animated video clips. Feelings of love and having a good time come from the powerful Synths and basses of this song.

Dramatic Strings Score (Dreamy Ethereal Soundtrack)

A fantasy soundtrack for movies, documentaries, video games and tv shows. It's very slow and soft. Chords are long like in the lord of the rings soundtracks. It's similar to end of the movie and ideal for ending credist, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Calm Music
Yann Keerim