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More than your friend

A Charming and Fun mix between hiphop and pop, "More Than Your Friend" perfectly flows with any love tale. The Romantic aura and powerful chord progressions offer depth and emotion that would be great for any trailer or even videogame! The sharp and catchy melody is simply irresistable!

Rock Opener

Stirring intro track with a driving and catchy rhythm. You can use this musical composition in movies, films, presentations, video and video games or youtube.

Woodwinds Intro

Classical intro with a touch of playfulness and perhaps a little silly, featuring clarinet, flute, contrabassoon, castanets, a sparkling sound in the beginning and roto toms. You can use it for video productions, film, movies, broadcasts, radio openers and other.

Turn It Up

High energetic opening house music track that can be used in television production as underlying sound for opening sequences in dynamic TV or internet programs, as well as compound jingle for TV announcements in sports, fashion, music,movie or TV program.

Bigger Man

story that follows the lives of a young boy and a bully. Starts in grade school and ends up as a positive message with the bully becoming a war hero and giving his life for his fellow soldiers

Hillbilly Groove On

Rocking country song about partying, dancing, going out and letting lose

Maybe It's Me

Driving ballad. Story about a girl who is clearly in love, but refuses to commit to the relationship.

Welcome To The Middle

story of two teenagers who leave their midwest farmtown to move to LA. They eventually find that all of the reasons that made them leave are the same reasons they want to come back.

When Everything Changed

Blake Shelton, Alan Jackson, Phil Vassar, Lady Antebellum, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Rascal Flats, Zac Brown Band
Yann Keerim