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Reggae Reverie (Vinyl scratchy version)

Authentic sounding 1950's Jamacian ska in the style of Studio One and Trojan Records. Upbeat horns, bass and rhythms and featuring a saxophone and military-style swing trumpet.

Sunday Morning (old vinyl record version)

Welcome to the roaring 20's! This is a fast, energetic track, with swinging ukuleles, trumpets, sax and tuba. It is the perfect background music if you want to recreate a joyful, jazzy vintage atmosphere. The instrumental versions are called "This roaring ukulele", check them out!.

Trap Goes My Heart

Melodic trap with focus on typical rhythmic elements and additional dubstep influences. Modern and atmospheric sound for great projects.

70s Disco Beat

A groovy disco track with 70s sound. Typical retro string arrangement and funky rhythm guitar. Brings back the good old vinyl days. Bass and drum sound reminds a bit of the Queen hit "Another One Bites the Dust" from 1980.


Old hip hop in the vein of Cypress Hill, et al. Retro hip hop beats combined with piano, vinyl scratches and operatic vocal snippets.

Attic Record

Just imagine an old dusty record. Vinyl scratches and a saturated sound gives this track an authentic vintage effect.

Sexy Lounge

A sexy lounge tune featuring smooth guitar, downtempo vinyl drums and a head banging house groove.

Out Laughing

A very silly track with laughing sounds and lots of vinyl scratching, and with a funny melody in there too. Comedy / Slapstick / Novelty / Wacky.

Chill Hip Hop

A smooth and mellow hip hop track in the underground style with a vinyl feel.

Chill Hip Hop Loop

A smooth and mellow hip hop loop able track in the underground style with a vinyl feel.

Hip Hop Loop

A loopable underground hip hop tune with lush piano and crispy drums placed over tasty analogue tape.

Perception AC2 Feb 23

A beautiful track featuring strings, celesta, double bass, piano, and acoustic guitar, with an evolving sound.


Quintessential underground or alternative hip hop a la Jedi Mind Tricks. A vinyl-style, sampled beat with 1940s film score-style strings and electric piano supports a dark, atmospheric mood with a slightly jazzy and hopeful feel. Ideal for urban environments. instrumental, vintage, electric piano Hi...


Description: Mean acoustic guitar riff . Confident and grungy vinyl beat with modern gated pad , perfect for modern anti-hero Bruce Willis / Samuel L. Jackson Key Words: Funky . dark confident , trouble worry quirky , purposeful anxiety
Yann Keerim