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Shopping Centre (Alternative version)

Joyful, excited, upbeat pop / funk track. Suitable for bright, colorful, 'good news' type media, commercials / advertising, youth and teens, special events, etc. Sprightly / Spirited / Energizing.

Time Forgets (Alternative version)

Mid-tempo country / bluegrass. Somewhat restrained, moderately upbeat. Good natured, acoustic, wholesome 'back home' traditional country music.

Spring Afternoons and Love (Alternative version)

Country / bluegrass track featuring acoustic guitars, upright bass and later on, country fiddle / violin. Up-tempo, bright and fun.

Have You Heard the Latest (Alternative version)

An acoustic country / folk / bluegrass track featuring acoustic guitar and acoustic bass. Mid-tempo, fun and charming with a real down home country feel. Good for country life, hiking and outdoors, simple pleasures, historical productions and more. Country fiddle joins in as well!

Golden Grooves (Alternative Mix)

A cute, unique and original track that mixes bright, feelgood synthesizer arpeggios and an understated, withheld electro dance beats with the sweeping string sound that makes us think back to classic 1960's and 1970's TV series. Happy and playful, but in a very restrained, understated way.

Teknokratia (Alternative Mix)

Glitchy and gritty Dubstep / Techstep. Blippy and pulsating layers of synth with half-time 140 BPM rhythm makes this track somehow feel both fast and slow. Busy and quirky, with a dark, grimy edge. Robotics, sci-tech, cutting edge developments, mechanoids and nano technology.

Vision Quest (Alternative Mix)

Busy, active, energetic Drum'n Bass / Breakbeat. Confident strut, with lots of attitude; hard synth leads swirling and diving, in and out of pitch. High energy level. Robotic, Relentless and Funky.

For Naama (Alternative version)

Warm, elegant and tasteful acoustic guitar with soft jazz backing. A simple, memorable and heartfelt melody line with further guitar plucking and soft strings.

August (Alternative version)

Film soundtrack style piece featuring strings and piano with lush pads, with a rhythmic feel creating a sense of movement or activity. Atmospheric, emotional, a little dreamy. Suitable for many types of film or media productions including drama, fantasy, commercials, audio books and much more. A dow...

Back Porch Stomp (Alternative Version)

Thumping banjo bluegrass. Happy, joyful, mid- to uptempo country blues. Happy, cheeky.

Freefall (Alternative Mix)

Beginning with soaring pads, rhythmic guitar riffs and basslines, a sense of imagery and a feeling of skydiving make way for steady paced drums to provide a solid moving forward piece, Suitable for corporate or technology projects with a great sense of vastness and space,

Flying Free (30-secs Alternative)

Funky dance music in Swedish House style. Pumping, pulsating, deep groovy beats with lush layers of synths, oozing and swaying in beat. Euphoric, uplifting, motivating. Good for visual media, effects, design, high-tech / technology, dance club / dance party, as well as workouts / exercise, sports an...

So Much More I Want To Say (Alternative Mix)

A soft, ethereal and dreamy ambient track featuring swirling pad textures and Indian Sarangi guitar. Atmospheric, evocative and ethereal. Great for travel, adventure, reflection and world discovery.

Perpetual Flux (Alternative mix)

A bright, fresh and upbeat electronica track. Melodic, high energy, feelgood, danceable and with a forward surging, positive, energizing feel. Constant movement, development, fluctuations.

Inspirational and Motivational (Alternative Version)

This is an alternative version of Inspirational and Motivational. Uplifting, motivating and inspiring corporate music track with catchy piano, powerful orchestral themes and a choir that creates a triumphal feeling. Perfect for corporate projects, product promos, presentations, commercials, business...

Joyful Country (Alternative Version)

This is an alternative version of Joyful Country. Country / Americana music track featuring guitars, piano, bass and drums. Upbeat and Happy music great for TV, radio, films and commercials.

Peaceful Chill (Alternative Version)

This is an alternative version of Peaceful Chill. Calm and Peaceful music track featuring Acoustic guitar, keyboards, drums and bass. Relaxing and inspiring instrumental composition great for films, commercials, TV, product promos and presentations.

Classic Rock Tune (Alternative Version)

This is an alternative version of Classic Rock Tune. Energetic, driving and powerful Classic Rock Track with elements of funk. Featuring distorted rhythm guitars, upbeat drums, solid bass lines and screaming electric guitar solos.

Fearful Anticipation (Alternative Version)

This is an alternative version of Fearful Anticipation. Suspenseful and mysterious music track with a cinematic atmosphere evokes a feeling of anticipation / awaiting and escalation. Great for crime films, documentaries, investigation news and videos.

Happy Country Life (Alternative Version)

This is an alternative version of Happy Country Life. Country / Western music track featuring harmonica, guitars, drums and bass. Happy, joyful and fun composition great for TV, radio, films and commercials.

Calm and Peaceful (Alternative Version)

This is an alternative version of Calm and Peaceful. Peaceful and Relaxed music piece featuring ambient pads, percussion and atmospheric vocals. Great for calm and relaxing scenes like a sunny day on the beach. Perfect for nature videos, documentaries and films.
Yann Keerim