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Peaceful Acoustic Guitar

by Aquilo
A loving, warm acoustic guitar track perfect for background use in any romantic or family / love related project. Three acoustic steel-stringed guitars and an organ make up this piece.

Warm Acoustic Guitar and Piano

by Aquilo
A warm, friendly background track with a soft acoustic guitar and a piano. Works well with a photo album slideshow or an advert / commercial with families as the target audience. The tempo is 94 bpm.

Billy's Acoustic Guitar

by Aquilo
A very happy and bouncy composition with a bluesy feel. Contains fingerpicked acoustic guitar, grooving drums, a bluesy piano and even a mean organ solo.

Angelic Ambient Guitar Background

by Aquilo
Ambient track with electric guitar and piano fitting for slow motion or time-lapse use in the background. In the style of Brian Eno or Harold Budd.

Two Bad Hombres (No Lead guitar)

Classic blues-rock with a real bad attitude. Think AC/DC, ZZTop etc. Cranky and dirty.

Summer Dub (No Guitar version)

A lazy and swirley track featuring a somewhat gritty, downbeat, urban chill track. Lounge style bass and hip-hop / funk drums with very mangled, dreamy and swirley guitar riffs. It's a bit otherworldly, heavenly, in a dub-funk-city-gritty-lounge-club way.

Communication Rush (Add lead guitar)

Exciting, happening, stream of information and updates. Drums and groove kick in after about 30 seconds. A sense of positive urgency and new frontiers. Good for corporate presentations, visual imagery, 3D animation and more.

Mr Yo (Guitar solo)

Festive and feelgood 1960's-1970's Big band jazz, in the style of the classic James Bond movies. Great for 1960's / 70's retro chic, with authentic jazz band sound of the period, as heard in many classic movies and TV shows from that era, This track is very varied throughout with many different part...

Jingle Bells Rock (No Lead Guitar)

A short, fun and cheeky rock'n roll version of Jingle bells with lead solo guitar.

Rising Again (60 seconds - guitar)

60 seconds (lead classic guitar) version of a beautiful, emotional track that offers a variety of moods and melodic atmospheres. Check out the full version and 3 more 60 seconds version with different moods and instrumentation.

Acoustic Guitar Happiness

by Aquilo
A warm, happy track with acoustic guitars and soft drums. Fits well in any video with a positive message.

It Starts With You (No Lead Guitar)

A sincere, and subtly uplifting / hopeful pop-rock track in 6/8 rhythm. Hopeful / Inspirational, with various crescendos throughout. Good for messages of hope and togetherness, community spirit, a helping hand, etc.

Acoustic Guitar Southern Blues

by Aquilo
Deep southern acoustic guitar blues track with acoustic guitars, bass and drums. Suits a documentary or tv show about travel, or one that’s set in the outback / countryside / remote areas.

Guitar Dreams (Loop 01)

A warm and easy-going, liquid sounding guitar track. Nice and dreamy. Relaxing, smooth. Has a certain Cinematic quality, especially a bit further in when the string pads join in.
Yann Keerim