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Minnesota musician and composer Roland Rudzitis is fluent in numerous genres, including Classical, Rock and Pop music. During a 30-year career in music, he has written or co-written hundreds of instrumental and vocal tracks, including arrangements for high school bands, choirs and small ensembles. After receiving a degree in music education, Roland taught music for 20 years and is the music leader in his church. His music has been featured on Hallmark, MTV, Discovery Channel, Food Network, A&E Biography, CBS Sunday Morning News, NBC, ABC, Walmart, internet sites, corporate videos and international programming.

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Not Any More

Positive, rich and flowing melody that depicts warmth, encouragement and hope. The piano theme is light-hearted and thickens with the entrance of an acoustic guitar and cello. Soft percussion add motion to the memorable phrasing. This is a beautiful track with a Celtic flavor. Wedding ceremony.

On the Beach

In the Beach Boys style, this track is fun and sunny. Great guitar rif. Summer time and sun tanning. Ocean surfing. Go go dancing. Bikinis and total beach party. Youth enjoying their vacation in a warm place. Psychedelic and raw. Organ solo. Road trip and traveling. Adolescent and innocent.

Summer Fun

Summer fun and sun! This track really rocks a positive message. Could be used in a teen movie. Perfect for a song bed for lyrics. Beach party. Road trip. Ocean waves and sunshine. Playful and youthful. Going on vacation, or spring break.

Prancing in the Snow

A magical dance melody with a flavor of elegance and beauty. Very light, bouncy and tender. Pride and Prejudice type music. Or, imagine horses prancing in the snow, pulling a sled of excited children on a Winter sleigh ride. Great original track for the Christmas holiday, or just Winter activities. ...


In the style of the "Oceans" movies, this track has a great mix of traditional Jazz styling and modern synth sounds. Vibes and bells. Could be used for a spy movie. Espionage and chase scene. Adventure and high stake players. Gambling and casino's. Commercial friendly. Product placement. Branding.

I am a Fool

"I'm a fool for you." Spoof on a love rap, hip-hop song. Complete with cheesy lead and background vocals. Dated 80's/90's sounding instrumentation. Similar stylistically to cool jazz. Great bass line that really grooves. Great background track for a bar, or lounge scene. Story of man head over heels...

The Very First Noel

Modern day version of the famous Christmas carol The First Noel. Piano solo. Wonderful and simple. Fireplace and champagne with a loved one. Hot chocolate with your kids. Peaceful and tranquil.

I Have Changed

"I've Changed". Piano driven track that is light and positive. Hornsby, Winston sound-alikes. Orchestrated strings and bells surround this beautiful theme. Cheers type theme sitcom music. Use in a romantic comedy, or cheerful scene in a movie. Playful and full of innocence. Loving life and the momen...

Tango to Go

A catchy melody plays out in this beautiful original tango. Has all the elements of this passionate dance. Complete with accordion, guitar, bass, percussion and drums.

Looking for Mario

Running through mazes and searching for clues, this track is great for video games. Could also be used for commercial. Cartoon and circus music. Children chasing each other on the playground. Quirky and juvenile. Mario Brothers, Sonic, Nintendo. Comedic, funny and silly. Complete with sfx. Instrumen...

In a Dream

Acoustic guitar feature with a world flavor. Nice combination with flute, cello, and percussion. Lovely and simple. Exotic. Could be used in a romantic scene at twilight, dancing on the outside deck of a lounge, overlooking the ocean and the stars. Quiet and sensual. Has a bit of Latin music style. ...

Epic Future

Great track for trailer. Has elements similar to the movie "Tron", with synth and big drums. Futuristic and epic in sound. Could be used in science fiction, or dramatic thriller. Depicts the suspense of the unknown. Space and beyond. Discovery channel and the cosmos. Music for teaching astronomy.

I Have Loved

Romantic piano track with orchestration. Musical peaks and valleys with guitar solo. Wonderful setting for a melancholic love scene. Sad, yet hopeful. Break up between lovers. Hurt and pain. Sense of longing for a better life. 6/8 time and big tom drums drive the passion for this beautiful melody.

Bounce Around

Synthesizer lead mixed in with beach style surfer groove. Great pop track for commercial, or teen movie. Fun, adolescent and innocent. Bouncy and cute. Light and fresh. Could be used for deodorant promo. Department store sales. Very playful for kids, or children's programming. Educational television...

Through the Fields

Peaceful and tranquil melody driven by piano. Magical and mystical. Fairy tale. Christmas, holiday, wedding. Tales of enchantment. Storybook themes. Dreamy and reflective this track has a place in most any children setting. Great for animation as well as real drama. Dreamy harp, bells and timpani. ...

Search for a King

A reverent theme drives this search for a new King. Honorable in nature with all of the riches of a kingdom, or palace. Could be used as an original Christmas, or holiday song. Looking for the Bethlehem Star. Royalty, prince, princess, queen. Royal waltz. Setting is in the Medieval times. Middle age...

High Above

Majestic and glorious track with soaring guitar and celtic like elements. Very positive and triumphant. Confident, powerful and heroic. 6/8 time and acoustic guitars and accordion give it a folk style flavor. Rocky Mountain. Beer commercial. Proud and confident. Birds and nature. Airplane flying. He...

Love Is Everything

Great for commercial, shopping, kids playing, in-store enthusiasm. Wholesome whistling and bouncy vibe. Modern youthful and fun. Laidback, sweet and extremely upbeat, happy music. Innocent and child-like. Shopping and, or branding. Catchy melody. Love really is everything.

Hands Down

Unique, yet simple driving corporate track. This is a winner hands down. Positive message with guitar and piano. Road trip and traveling. This tune is great for promo of just about anything from a company video and branding, to a car commercial. Down to earth and raw. Indie sound. A bit of country. ...

Playing My Voice

Comedic use of voices and beat boxing. Great for commercial, children's track. Quirky and juvenile. Computerized sfx make it sound electronic and mechanical. Mandolin and synthesizers give it a unique flavor. Unique vocalizations. Great for selling a product. Branding.

I am Gonna Make It

"I'm Gonna Make It". Beautiful innocent piano melody surrounded with orchestration and percussion. A patriotic theme that depicts tranquility, peace and freedom. Romantic, touching and memorable. This track is reflective and sentimental, full of life, love and happiness. Could also be used for a rel...
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