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Motivational music and how to use it in your videos

by Chance Bulger

Songs are a great tool of motivation and powerful weapons against bad mood! They have the power to cheer, amuse, encourage, thrill, inspire and lead us to reflect on our behaviors. That’s why motivational songs are so popular in Youtube videos.

They are inspiring for videos of workout, sports, reflection and self-knowledge. At we have a collection of endless possibilities in our library with Motivational and Inspirational Royalty Free Music. In collaboration with several composers and artists, we have full tracks and in loop for sports, running and all kinds of motivational music for your next project.

Music is undoubtedly one of the best ways we have to connect with our essence, our personality and our “true self.” These songs are fundamental to give an up in those moments of discouragement in which all that we need is an “extra force” to transform our day. These melodies and arrangements become a balsam in the most complicated and stressful days and also in an extra point of tranquility and balance on the days that we just want to relax.

In this sense, instrumental music for motivational video is handpicked and in a very careful selection process, after all, beyond the message you are trying to inspire whoever watches you; the songs chosen make all the difference so that it hits exactly the targets you want to reach: the heart and the mind of those who hear you.

Using motivational music in videos

In a motivational video so that the music really brings the positive emotions and that lead to boost the moods of the people who are watching it is essential that the script and message of both match. If, for example, the images presented are of affection, forgiveness and reflection; do not add a heavy rock song!

For these types of video you’ll prefer softer, introspective and reflective tracks. Likewise, if you want to motivate, cheer, and engage the audience, do not use a slow and discouraging song. So always remember to present songs that will accompany the message of your motivational video.

In our library some great examples of motivational songs and our best seller tracks include:

  • “Cinematic Soundtrack”: a mellow cinematic track with layered guitar parts accompanied by live Cello sound.
  • “Hopes and Dreams”: This is a hopeful and motivating corporate music track. Rhodes piano and grand piano sound accompanied by staccato orchestral strings.
  • “Sweet Touch”: Inspiring and Uplifting piano track, with motivational harmonies and melodies, orchestral strings from the middle of the track.
  • “Dreaming of You”: An orchestral track with piano and expressive highland pipes. It is suitable for the big screen, or wherever passion is needed.
  • “Corporate Reality”: Uplifting and hopeful melodies and harmonies that bring hope and inspiration to the listener. Uplifting piano and orchestral strings
  • “Running for Freedom”: Emotional, uplifting, spiritual and inspirational track featuring piano and strings.
  • “The Hope”: Uplifting and hopeful melodies and harmonies that bring hope and inspiration to the listener


Motivational Music for Sports

One category of motivational videos that grows every day on the Web is those focused on workout, exercise and sports. Several personal trainers, academy teachers and fitness enthusiasts have channels on Youtube where they give tips on better training for the general public.

This kind of video needs inspiring motivational music, not melancholy or sad, but rather ones that drives the audience to start training and feel inspired to continue with the exercises.

In our library you can filter the motivational songs through the main search button and include a Sports tag to find the ideal music for this type of video. 

Some great examples of this type of music that you’ll find in our library are:


Best Motivational Videos of 2017

With millions of views, motivational videos are very successful on Youtube. They encourage people to go through difficult times, start a new journey in their lives, start a new project and be inspired to achieve new accomplishments.

Each year, the list of best motivational videos on Youtube becomes more popular. Below, we’ve listed the best 2017 inspirational videos so far for you to become even more familiar with this type of production:





Producing the Perfect Motivational Video

Everyone likes to watch a good motivational video, and more and more the internet has been used to make this media so useful, both for motivational and inspirational users, and for companies that want to promote products and services. But how to produce quality motivation videos for the web?

This is a detail that many entrepreneurs and marketing managers forget: you have to excel at quality and know how to produce a video that really appeals to your audience and attracts their attention.

Every detail is important and it is not enough just to be attentive to the aesthetic beauty of the images and the creation of good content for the users. As is clear, the correct use of motivational music is critical to the success of your video.

That’s why we have separated for you a series of motivational video production tips for your next production on the internet.


  • Less is more: The truth is that the production of videos cannot create very long content. Short videos are best suited to hold attention to the end. The messages must be objective, going straight to the point of forming didactic so that the public can absorb them easily.
  • Attention decreases over time: As the video passes, your audience attention drops gradually. This is because people who watch the video start to get tired, distractions appear or the person comes to the conclusion that the content is not of interest to them. The secret is to get started with the most important messages and information, only then go into the details.
  • Introduce new facts: Do not be repetitive: always present something new and useful to the audience throughout the video and in an objective way, otherwise the audience will abandon it, disinterested by what is being displayed.
  • People Likes People: People like to see other people and their stories, identify and care about them. It is important to move a more human context with messages of personal experiences.
  • Start with a powerful message: It’s important that the first 10 seconds of the video presents a curious fact or information that will be completed at the time of the video, calling the viewers’ attention creatively to this outcome.
  • Emotion is the key: Laughing, loving, fearing, and even being angry or envious are human emotions that draw people in some way. Most of the videos that are successful employ some of these reactions of our spirit, especially the laughter, the commotion or a fact that surprises the public.
  • Call to Action: The famous CTA, or Call to Action, is the goal of your video: to bring Internet users to your site, to feel more inspired and to come back to other videos. Other actions for marketing includes e-commerce, such as downloading an e-book, giving a “like” A registration. So choose well the action you want to promote and build the content of your video around it, so that it really takes effect and brings the result you seek.


All music that has a positive message can be used to increase people’s motivation, enthusiasm and engagement. It can also be an invitation to reflection, and access your inner self and discover yourself as someone who wants to fight for their own causes, their evolution as a human being or even the growth of a company, the employees and leaders of a certain business.


At you’ll find the ideal motivational song for your next video. Explore in our library the endless possibilities to improve your next videos and have the success on the internet you want.

Author: Chance Bulger

Writer, blogger based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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