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MUST Have Tools for Musicians and Composers

by Themusicase Team

This post is all about presenting the best tools for musicians and composers. Tools that our team finds useful in terms of productivity and inspiration.

1. AG Audio Watermark Generator

AG Audio Watermark Generator will help you easily watermark your audio files in bulk. If you are not familiar with what audio watermarking is, it is simply the process of adding an audio logo over a track for security reasons. The audio logo could be your band name, or your website name or just a voice saying “demo” or “preview” every x seconds.

Some music libraries such as audiojungle require that composers have their music files watermarked before uploading, so in that case AG Watermark could be very useful. Here at we have our own system for audiowatermarking so we do not require that composers prepare their files before uploading.

Some extra nice features on AG will make your life even easier as you will be able to easily select an entire audio folder to watermark, control the watermak audio volume (db), set a file prefix or suffix, control seconds after which the audio watermarking is repeated and also save presets with different settings on each one.

2. Pickagem – Ready made contracts for website owners

Pickagem will help you in case you need ready-to-use legal templates for your business.

Apart from the standard Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy templates which you can use in your personal website as a musician, this pack also includes Partnership Agreement and Sale and Purchase Agreement templates. You can easily use those agreements for your contracts with fellow musicians, studio partners, or if you are hired to write music for a production.

Currently Pickagem runs an AppSumo Deal.

3. Google Workspace

If you are running your personal website as a musician or composer, chances are that you are sending your emails through your own host (

The problem which, at times, could get really serious, is that many mail servers are rejecting emails which means there is a possibility that some of the emails you send, may never reach the recipient. How serious could that be if you need to send a signed contract or a new client waits for your reply for a new film scoring project?

There are a lot of factors that determine if a mail that has been sent from one server will finally pass the recipient hosting tests and land in your recipient’s Inbox.

The solution is a service offered by Google named Google Workspace – this service routes your emails through Google servers, meaning that chances that your email will not reach recipient’s Inbox are next to zero. The service costs 6 USD per month.

4. Squarespace

Squarespace will help you build your own website with a simple drag-and- drop editor. There are several website builders available on the market, but for musicians, music studios and composers we love Squarespace’s ease of use and design layout options!

5. MOOV Travel Guitar

Ok, this one applies only to guitar players, but we love it!

Actually it is the smallest travel guitar in the world (38cm total lengh when folded), with a really easy assemblage process and impressive design.

Take it with you while travelling, play on the move without disturbing anyone as MOOV Travel Guitar is totally silent.

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Author: Themusicase Team

Themusicase is a royalty free music marketplace, providing music licensing solutions for agencies, video makers, film studios and production companies since 2005.

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